Unknown to the “New York Times, have tapped into” to be over three years, the communication network of the EU-diplomats and diplomatic cables to the US President Donald Trump and the Iranian nuclear program is downloaded.

The security firm Area 1 have discovered the attack and the newspaper more than 1100 of the secretly copied despatches made available. The company will assume that the perpetrators were working for the Chinese people’s liberation army.

the starting point was a simple Phishing attack against diplomats in Cyprus. So the perpetrators got to access data for the whole of the dispatches of the database of the EU. The reports conducted at a dedicated, openly accessible Website.

No top-secret reports intercepted

In most of the Reports are summaries of interviews with heads of state and government, writes the “New York Times”. Top-secret documents would be sent via a different, more secure network.

reading tip Michael Walter/ THE MIRROR Without cyber alert: The world of the Hacker, finally, understandable, diplomats from Moscow summed up, therefore, the Meeting between Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump in Helsinki in July as a “successful (at least for Putin)”. A further telegram was allegedly the comprehensive analysis of a conversation between EU representatives and Chinese President Xi Jinping, where Jinping was quoted with the words, Trumps harassment of Beijing resembled a Freestyle Boxing match without any rules.


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