It is a historic success for China’s space program: On Thursday at 3.26 PM PDT, the lunar probe “Chang’e 4” successful on the back of the moon – and therefore a Premiere. Numerous probes of different space Nations and twelve American astronauts landed on the front of the moon. But never has managed before, for the country to control on the back side of the moon. Exact position: on Aitken crater near the South pole of the moon, as planned, reported the official news Agency Xinhua.

observers had warned of the major challenges in the Mission: Difficult about the landing, because the site was on the far side of the moon as flat as on the front. The communication is difficult, because there is no direct radio connection to the back of the moon be established. Therefore, the Chinese brought back in may the transmission of satellite “Queqiao” (bridge of magpies) in the Position of signals from the radio-shadows send.

After the arrival of a robotic vehicle to examine the ground and the structures around the landing point. It is equipped with a panoramic camera and measuring devices. To include tasks of Change-4 Mission, the low-frequency radio astronomical observation, the Measurement of the land and the land shapes, the detection of the mineral composition and the flat moon surface structure and the measurement of the neutron radiation. One of the experiments conducted by scientists of the Kiel University developed radiation measuring device is to be used.

First the moon, then Mars – China’s ambitions

in China an ambitious space program, the country the United States wants to close the gap followed. In the coming year, the Mission could bring the “Chang’e 5” of moon rock to earth. By 2021, Beijing wants to develop a reusable rocket that can carry more cargo than the Nasa and the private space travel company SpaceX. According to the Chinese plans to land up to 2030, for the first time a Chinese on the moon. In planning the construction of a Chinese space station and flights to Mars.

the Start of the lunar probe from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center

after The Chinese moon goddess named space probe “Chang’e 4” was on 8. December of the earth started and had the state of television, according to the 12. December, the moon’s orbit reached.


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