could not just before Christmas, when there will be offices in the German residential homey to gingerbread and advent wreath is fragrant, in a chocolate factory in the Palatinate, the contrast sharper. While in the sales room cute Santas on the shelves, jostling, running only a floor down already colorful wrapped chocolate bunnies from the Band four months before Easter.

“We have a lot of export customers and to deliver the goods early,” says Richard Müller, Director of the chocolate manufacturer Wawi in Pirmasens. “Our German customers of the product want to in a timely manner.”

The anti-cyclical production is now Routine – even if some of the complains about gingerbread in October, and Easter bunnies in February. This sun but also in the increased prosperity, the increased claim and demand strong, says chocolate manufacturer Müller. “Today’s Consumer does not wish to be limited to a Easter bunnies and Easter mixed bag, but a fancy gift table, which he brings friends would like to. And also the chocolates for the grandmother must be in the Easter design.”

there Are the Santas in the Easter Bunny robe?

At the end of the trading decisions, when he presents the products on the shelf, says the Manager. Some 10 million Easter bunnies and nearly 60 million Easter eggs produced in the traditional company Wawi a year, plus 10 million Santas. “This makes a total of 17,000 metric tons of chocolate products,” says Müller. The four plants in Germany and a total of four factories in Australia, China, Canada and Romania would supply all the continents.

The Easter production starts at Wawi at the end of October or beginning of November. At the end of March and beginning of April, the production for Christmas, then starts again.

chocolate Santas

The German confectionery industry has, according to your Association this year, about 145 million chocolate Santas and Santas made. In comparison with the previous year, which was a slight increase of 0.9 percent.

Easter produced each year, around 200 million chocolate bunnies, add to that tons of eggs, Croquant, Marzipan or Nougat.

And what is with the legend that unsold Christmas men will be diverted to the Easter Bunny? “Completely absurd. That would be much too time-consuming. In addition, our product is fresh”, denies the chocolate manufacturer Wawi.


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