Chong Kun Dang head office in Seoul/Photo courtesy of Chong Kun Dang

A Seoul court rejects request for an arrest warrant

A son of Chong Kun Dang Chairman Rhee Jang-han was arrested on charges of filming sex videos, according to the police on April 2. Chong Kun Dang is one of the major pharmaceutical companies in South Korea.

However, he was released after a Seoul district court rejected an arrest warrant earlier this week.

The police did not elaborate on the case, claiming that the investigations are still underway, but South Korean media outlets came up with details about his charges.

The junior Rhee reportedly had filmed consensual sexes with three women and shared them through his Twitter account _ the three ladies did not agree with the filming.

It appears that the junior Rhee’s side agreed on compensation plans with victims, according to the Seoul district court’s ruling.

Faces of victims were not disclosed via Twitter, and junior Rhee erased the Twitter post in question. In addition, victims do not want his punishment,” said the judge, who decided whether or not to issue a detention warrant.

This is not the first time that Chong Kun Dang owner’s family causes controversies.

In 2017, Chairman Rhee was accused of having verbally abused his drivers, and audio files of his insults inside the vehicle were also disclosed to sour public sentiment against the tycoon.

Two years later, he was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for two years.

The late former Chairman Rhee Chong-kun established Chong Kun Dang in the 1940s after his name. The firm has grown into one of the representative pharmaceutical firms here with its annual sales reaching around 1 trillion won ($800 million).

Included its flagship products are pain-killing drug Penzal and erectile dysfunction treatment Cendom.

Chairman Rhee is the eldest son of founder Rhee.