Wahl-O-Matzur Bayern-election programs online: The most important party in Bavaria-choice – In Bavaria high turnout from

On Sunday, the 14. October state election in Bavaria. By postal ballot or at the ballot box, every voter can cast his vote. To do this, you will receive a few weeks before the election, your election notification. But what if you have lost the document? You may then select still?

The answer is Yes: Select is also without notification. A land returning officer, explains: "The notification is not for the electoral Board, while helpful for quickly finding the voter in the voters ‘ register, but for the participation in the election is mandatory."

Necessarily the identity card to the polling station

to take but If you have received prior to the election, no election notification, you should ask for information in your community, whether they are listed in the voters ‘ register. If your Name is not there, you can choose from.

in addition to the notification, you should have an identity document at the polling station. Without ID, you can choose in any case. This can be the identity card, the passport or the driving licence. Your document should be expired, that is not a obstacle. The card serves to identify, on the basis of the light image.

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