for Years, Asia Bibi was sitting on the grounds of alleged blasphemy in the prison. Then your death penalty has been repealed, it is the release from prison followed. Now, the Supreme court of Pakistan has also declared the appeal against the acquittal is inadmissible.

“The appeal is rejected,” said judge Asif Saeed Khosa. Islamists had submitted the application. The judge’s decision is expected to end the year-long legal dispute in the case and the basis for Bibi to leave the country. Activists demanded immediate permission to leave the country from Pakistan, because the Christian is in your home country in danger. The government refuses to their whereabouts.

It is expected that Bibi applied for asylum in a European or North American country. As a possible host country, Germany is also in the conversation. An unconfirmed report that their children have fled to Canada.

Days of protests following the acquittal

Bibi had been convicted eight years ago in the province of Punjab due to insulting the prophet Mohammed to death. Muslim women from her village had accused Bibi to have to be offensive about the religious founders expressed, she even denies the.

blasphemy is in the strictly conservative Islamic Pakistan, a serious allegation. Around 40 people serving there, according to estimates of the U.S. Committee for the freedom of religion because of the accusations currently being elongated in prison for life sentences or awaiting execution.

The Supreme court of Pakistan overturned the death sentence. He said Bibi of all charges. After the judgment came to light in the conservative Muslim country to days-long protests by Islamists.

thousands of security forces in the cities

The radical Islamic cleric Khadim Rivzi of the political party Tehreek-e Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) called for in the Wake of the protests, the dismissal of the judges and Bibi’s death.

The rallies, and blockades stopped only after the government and the TLP had concluded an agreement, which provided for a revision application against the judgment. Since November, the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan was then multiplied against the TLP. According to the authorities, more than 3000 members and functionaries of the party were arrested. TLP-chief Rizvi and other party members were accused of incitement to riot.

Notwithstanding the foregoing were sent out of fear of renewed protests by thousands of security forces in the cities. It would allow for renewed demonstrations like in October by groups such as the TLP, said the information Minister of the province of Punjab, Fayyaz Chohan.


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