Serving top chefs of Christmas

“is a Classic for us at home: parents have always made king pie inside with Ragout fin, that it was only once in a year, we were happy, of course, always getting on it. This year we are celebrating Christmas eve at my wife’s family, where there are traditionally Raclette. And since I’m cooking and, of course, very much in the kitchen stand, all of the effort that I can relax on this day. On the first Christmas day we go in a five-star restaurant food. That’s good, because we are completely closed over the holidays – normal way, we always had at 25. and 26. open. This year, we treat ourselves to a little break, but new year’s eve and then again.”

The Restaurant Jean of John Frank Bach is a real family business: After several stations in the fine dining, the son built the wine bar of his parents to the Restaurant with French-inspired cuisine. Since 2014 his kitchen, wearing a star in the Michelin Guide.

“Almost the whole year I was very experimental on-the-go, have a lot of tried and thought of…but this type is connected to cook for me, too strong with my work. This year, I wondered why: Why not, once again, the traditions of welcome? My mother comes to visit, and we will prepare some specialties of the Danish and Icelandic cuisine: Smoked lamb and Hamborgarhryggur, a kind of smoked and salted pork steak, so that’s not very healthy to eat. There are also caramelized potatoes and homemade red cabbage, maybe some chestnuts, berries, Waldorf salad…just like we used to. Who will cook? My mother and my girlfriend are sure to help…but I guess I’m going to assume this evening was the line.”

Victoria Elíasdóttir cook is currently in the Studio Olafur Eliasson (S. O. E.), the Atelier-Restaurant of the eponymous artist (and her half-brother), in Berlin. Previously she has earned in the Dottir of a star. For the coming year, she wants to try new things – where and how exactly can you open.

“remains closed, Seven Swans over the Christmas days. Time to let the own mom cook for! I’m a vegetarian, don’t come over as a younger more confident, always fashionable (laughs) in a six-person family, the Annex, not included, to a Roast. In the münsterland, a hearty, meat-heavy meal is part of everyday life. Traditionally, a rheinischer Sauerbraten from the horse on the table, with potato dumplings, red Cabbage and raisin sauce is to Christmas. This is rose cabbage and a few fried mushrooms. I love our traditional, down-to-earth and, depending on the Region is extremely varied cuisine in Germany, and they would not miss it.

In the Restaurant there are between the years of still to do: As we grow all of the vegetables yourself, it is in the Winter sports. The ground is frozen, nothing grows anymore. Parsnips, parsley root, Haferwurz, Black and burdock root, celery, potatoes, Knollenziest, several varieties of Cabbage, and much more, we need to store and load, to have in the next time enough of the ingredients on hand.”

Ricky Saward is in Frankfurt’s Seven Swans behind the stove, and often in the fields, in order to determine the seed sequence for the fruit and vegetables. The Restaurant is one of the few exclusively vegetarian restaurants in the world, with a star by the Michelin Guide.

“to The Stucki kitchen, and at home there is traditionally, since Emma, my 13-year-old daughter, on the world, on Christmas eve, a sea bass in a salt crust. And otherwise: A big Christmas brunch with friends, and lots of colorful homemade cookies.”

Tanja Grandits cook since 2008 in Basel Restaurant Stucki, where she was awarded with two Michelin stars and “Best Female Chef” (2006).

“For me, the not celebrating this day as a religious Festival, Christmas means peace Between people, no matter what Religion, skin color, or gender. No matter what day you celebrate: Christmas and Hanukkah are both festivals of light. For me as a chef the means in turn, If you have light and a family, then you need to eat something! Just like my father, I love cooking at the holidays for my family and friends. If in the past we have lit the Hanukkah menorah, our house was always full of people, and it was served a lot of food. Traditionally, it is on these days, Latkes and Donuts, but there was also a nice Hungarian goulash and Nokedli, the Hungarian variant of the spaetzle. Over the years I have become an Israeli chef, celebrates the cuisine of the Middle East and the modern Israeli cuisine, but this year I’m going back to my roots and to the old cookbooks, given to me by my father. For me, it is, therefore, a traditional austro-Hungarian court. Happy Holidays!”

Yossi Elad is cooking in various kitchens from New York to Singapore, since the autumn of 2018, for example, in the Bar Shuka in Frankfurt. He became known for his Israeli Fusion cuisine: Together with Assaf granite and Uri Navon, he has made the Machneyuda is one of the most popular Restaurants in Jerusalem.

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