Behind the British Prime Minister Theresa May are stressful months, and that is reflected in their Christmas message. In the light of the “bitter divide” between Brexit supporters, and Leaving opponents in the country, she called on the deputies of the Parliament of the Brussels agreements negotiated for the withdrawal from the European Union to agree to allow the government to work on major internal political challenges.

More May called on all citizens to unite in the coming year and warned of a further drifting Apart of the society. “I know that when the British people come together, there are no limits to what we can achieve,” wrote May in the “Daily Express”.

Now the time had come, wrote May, to put the differences aside and to take care of the, “what really matters”. They took the view that the “vast majority” of people support an end to the conflicts around the Brexit, and that politicians took care of other important issues.

the Queen spoke in her Christmas message, in General, the need to differences. The respect towards other human beings has to be Understood in “a good first step for the better,” the Agency quoted PA in advance of the already-recorded speech by Queen Elizabeth II, to be broadcast on Christmas day.

The Brexit, the monarch speaks, since she’s acting as head of state on issues of current policy-neutral. Also the failed visit of the US President, Donald Trump in this year, she was uncommented. In relation to the birth of Jesus Christ, you said: “I think his message of peace to the world and benevolence for all valid still,” she said. This is today today is needed as much as ever.

The British monarch also taught a few personal words to your audience: “In the last few years, I have witnessed a lot of changes, and in this time of Faith, family, and friends is not only a constant for me, but also a source of personal well-being and confirmation was.”

the United Kingdom, the European Union is expected to be on 29. March 2019 to leave. Should be able to come to no agreement on the withdrawal in force, threaten thousands of rules for trading and traffic between the UK and the EU to be invalid. In the British Parliament, where no majority for Brexit-the agreement is seen to be voted in January.


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