MIRROR ONLINE: On Saturday they have rescued 32 people from the Mediterranean. What had happened?

Philip Hahn: , We drove to the search area to the West of Tripoli, about 30 miles from the coast. A search plane informed us that they had discovered a boat with about 30 people. We went to see if the were in distress. The Motor does not work any more, besides, it smelled strongly of gasoline. In such a Situation, the great danger that a wave of the ground breaking plate. Then the boat work and gasoline and water collects in it. The people sitting in the middle, not come across the hoses and drown in this mixture of petrol and water. Most of the women and the children sitting there.

To the Person Chris Grodotzki/ sea-watch.org Philip Hahn, 41, the Director of operations. Studied social Sciences, and now works as a boat Builder.

Our Crew distributed life jackets and the people on our boat brought in. There are a total of 32, including four women, two Teenagers, two toddlers and a Baby. Many of them are on Board first, collapsing from exhaustion. We have provided you with tea, warm clothes and something to eat, some wanted to be hugged. At the same time we called our flag state – the Netherlands -, as well as Malta and Italy, and briefed them on the rescue.

MIRROR ONLINE: Nevertheless, they are still on the Mediterranean sea. Why did you get no port assigned?

Philip Hahn: Italy and Malta have said, we should turn to the Libyan Rescue. This was equipped from Italy and other countries and formed. We have since called and e-Mails written, but she was unable to reach. We have the impression that it is run by militias, the earn money when people trade. I don’t think the answer the phone, because the have no real interest in it, to be a rescue coordination centre.

MIRROR ONLINE: How is the Situation aboard?

Philip Hahn: people for the first time. It must be said that the last days were Sunny, now the weather, but weather is worse. We are well equipped, but the people camping tarp under a tent. In addition, the questions of the people to be urgent, because you are now four days on Board.

But the mood is good overall. And we have done something, what have we done never: We have collected from our guests, the contact details of their members, and then the Volunteers in Berlin have called this. The got to Christmas, said that their Loved ones are not drowned but in safety.

MIRROR ONLINE: How you have spent Christmas eve?

Philip Hahn: We have all cooked together, rice with beans. There is every day, but we have it a bit pimped with extra vegetables and chicken. We have tried to make it special.

I had actually celebrated with my family in Frankfurt. This would have consisted of a dinner and gift-exchange, and probably my mother would get us to sing a song. Now it was a Christmas with people from 17 countries, it has been sung in many different languages. I would say It was a Highlight.

MIRROR ONLINE: What about the children?

Philip Hahn: I think that I enjoyed it a lot. On the aft deck, so temporarily it is also, many for the first Time the possibility to move freely. Without the brutal guards, as in the Libyan Camps. Instead, protected by a Crew, the wishes of the people only the Best.

MIRROR ONLINE: what now?

Philip Hahn: We are looking for a port to the people to sell. The Crew is already aboard, some in heavy weather. And now it is in continuous use with the guests on Board. And also the Situation of the guests is, of course, want to soon by Board.

let us turn now to continue to the Dutch state to find a port we can start. We hope that Germany lent a hand. Our friends from the Organisation pier have now found 33 cities, the people would take and we hope that the Federal government is doing the way.

MIRROR ONLINE: , you Have the feeling to be supported?

Philip Hahn: If you look in the social media, then we get a lot of encouragement. And I have the feeling that there are a lot more people that want to be human to deal with refugees, as people who are against it.

MIRROR ONLINE: What do you expect for the coming year?

Philip Hahn: people will not continue to watch escape from Libya and we will continue to as you drown. That’s why for us there is only one way: to get As many rescue missions as possible, to ensure that no one drowns.

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