In Berlin, living between 4000 and 8000 people on the street. Add to that several Thousand socially vulnerable. Thus, you will experience a Christmas that had a singer and Entertainer Frank Zander invited to roast Goose and show program.

The Entertainer Frank Zander was on Friday evening in the Estrel Hotel in Berlin-Neukölln to be a Star to touch. He went through the ranks, embraced his guest, listened to stories. For many of them it was probably the Christmas that you may not have otherwise had. Some people wept with joy and did not want to let go of the singer. “Do I, however, jerne!”, the said again and again.

The donated 2800 goose legs, 8000 dumplings, 1000 kilograms of red cabbage and 850 liters of beer were carried beautifully in the hall, it is a kind of role reversal. About 3000 homeless people were of Celebrities.

Federal Minister for family Affairs, Franziska Giffey, Berlin’s governing mayor, Michael Müller, and Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (all SPD), Packed with and juggled the full heaping plate. Also social and religious institutions supported the now 24. Celebration. According to Zander, it is the largest Christmas party for homeless people in Europe.

After a show, in addition to the Band Revolverheld is also Zander even sang, and distributed bags for the 250 volunteers gift, where underwear and sleeping bags were Packed. Sponsors had provided for the dam of the pallet is Sweet and winter-proof clothing. It is a dessert, the provisional waiter took a Table in the hall followed.

Zander has not adopted its guests with the Song “Only home we go”, in which many joined in in the hall, to the last Moment, on the fleeting luxury to savor.


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