Although I do not expect you to believe me, because what you should believe at all, it is so: Otherwise, I’ll give him something. After all, he is the most prominent beggars in our neighborhood. On summer evenings, he sits in front of the late purchase, and the tourists goes directly: “your cell phone monkey! Give me 50 Euro!” For some time he’s wearing a warning light on the head, you can see him in the dark from a distance.

this Time he flashed me directly in front of the house entrance, I was in a hurry. “Oh, no time…” he muttered, and I quickly climbed into the rented thick Diesel Mercedes that we wanted the next day for a Christmas visit to Bavaria to break. The normal Stress before the holidays, the bad news from the Headquarters, only way. At Karstadt, for the love of the people last gifts to buy, you need. No time for a small donation. The opposition came to my mind.

people will

collect And to dare to Sahra servant. In her new Video, she stands in front of the Chancellery. In tone, attitude and style of a head of government, she directed a Christmas speech to the German people. It may rise soon.

Christmas address by Wagenknecht: In sound, attitude and style of a head of government

Wagenknecht, has vest with yellow as a French Gilets jaunes-protester in disguise. “I think that kind of pressure, we also need in Germany,” says the upper riser, namely, pressure on the “government of the Rich”. “Always policy for a wealthy clientele made for great company. However, it must be in Germany, more resistance.”

In the column of Agitation and Propaganda, writes Stefan Kuzmany on the latest developments in politics and society.

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calls even Though the car companies “make more profits” and the diesel driver “pay the Piper”, Wagenknecht, then, but not angry to the Revolution, but advertises in a civilized manner for the events your organization after the holidays: “We also need here a lot of people who are willing to go on the road. The want to reach ‘Up’. And that’s what we do in the next year.”

On the running Board to the uprising

the Car Knecht’s appearance acts like the parody of a car’s appearance Knecht -. Swelling sphere of sounds from the Synthesizer section to the projection a yellow vest on the wall of the Federal Chancellery, at the end with a dramatic Bang, the not yellow, but red Up Logo in the image is finished, the foot Board Trailer for the upcoming uprising.

Ironically, the Spalterin the Left is at the peak of a so-called collection in motion, and now she marks herself as a tube of the yellow West, a movement that the professional speaker like you doesn’t have voice, does not want and does not need. And what do you get Up at all:? Who needs a rebellion?

fast Times on the account I was not looking: certainly. That’s why I find it very easy to make myself wagenknecht and your concern funny. Malice is always on the welded licked the social of rhetorikerin with the Swirl to the Lord. When I Write, I eat cookies on a plate, in the evening I’ll be tired of me and still more stuff.

in fact, I don’t know already for a long time, how is that to earn so little that it’s enough at the end of the month. I forgot how it feels when the Tank is empty, or the stomach. I have no idea what it’s like to have to on the street, passers-by to beg for one Euro. And therefore, dear readers, I think, for now, just shut up. Until next year. No Pointe. Merry Christmas!

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.