The Church of Monero is a (so far) small community of faith in the Monero Community. In the heart of the technology. Her ambitious goal: to colonize The moon with 3D printers. In the process, she unravels, perhaps without it, the Narrative behind Bitcoin.

What to do in a decentralised technology, with a Believe? More than you might think at first glance. Back we think of bitcoin beginnings: ten years Ago, published by Satoshi Nakamoto the White Paper for Bitcoin. The fell in a time, in the people Faith in Central banks increasingly lost, and the last great economic crisis in the United States was bubbling. The trust in Central institutions fell in the end, what gave Bitcoin a Chance. Bitcoin fans put their trust in the technology and write it permanently on the Blockchain. Crypto is a question of faith?

The two pillars of the Church of Monero

When it comes to the Church of Monero, the answer is: Yes. The Church of Monero has two bases: One on the earth, and (so far) imaginary on the moon. To achieve the latter, was founded in the Monero Space Force. The glue that connects the two bases together, is Faith. This is the Motto according to the website:

“to unite The Monero Community under a common goal.”

to design The first project, in order to achieve this, a Monero-satellite.

The moon mission

to fly with the anonymous cryptocurrency to the moon, has an (of course anonymous) users for a price of 10,000 XMR – the Token of the Privacy Coins – call:

“The price of 10,000 Monero, waving to the first Team or individual who operates a 3D printer on the moon. The 3D printer needs to use the moon stone as a printing material, and prove that he can produce custom-made mechanical components.“

all of This should be no later than 19. December 2022 to happen. The price of 10,000 Monero is still not very high, would develop in the foreseeable future. (Here, too, To the moon!).

So far, So good. But why? The anonymous Initiator of the response:

“We need to encourage the thinkers and inventors to go into space. […] The winning team will be able to generate infinite additional parts – only from the sun light and the moon stone. From these Parts, you could build the parts for the robot, resulting in more printers to Tinker, a Container for Material, equipment to collect energy […].“

The Mission is clear: rocket to the moon Tinker, there, moon stone 3D printer screw together and repeat this process until the moon is full of 3D printer. To all of the economic shield of the Monero Space Force, the heavenly Department of the Monero Church.

The measure of the Church of Monero

But back to the earth. There the high priest Xeagu, twice-a-week measure. Wednesdays for people from time zones as China and Australia, at 8:00 UTC and Sundays at 18:00 UTC. In principle, any Church can join the telegram channel, and the measuring part of it. (And this is also the difference to the Space Force: Anyone can join. So the Disciples want to form a counterpoint to the academic, in the technical sense of the regulated technology. Who wants to join the Space Force, you must undergo some tests.)

the participants of The exhibition will be divided into groups and send XMR to the value of five US dollars in a circle. Upper priest Xeagu:

“It’s kind of stupid, but it is also funny which makes it funny. [It’s kind of stupid, but it’s kind of fun, and thats what makes it fun].“

Church of Monero October Coffee Chat

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