fold the leaves smooth, then gently fold the tobacco spread, maybe a Filter between the tips of the fingers clamps, and the feeling of going full roles. For some, the Turning of a cigarette is a Ritual that belongs to Smoking. For others, it is simply a Must, in order to save money.

one way or the other: Whoever turns himself, thinks rare to the Stop and starts are also less likely to Try to stop Smoking. This was the result of a British study of more than 38,000 smokers were interviewed. As a smoker, everyone who had smoked in the past year, at least occasionally, cigarettes was. The researchers recorded whether the respondents had sought in the twelve months, to stop – and it was done.

The five most important results:

1. The typical self-screwdriver: 37 percent of the study participants turned their own cigarettes, after all, more than a third. On average, the self-driver were slightly younger, more often male and socially worse off than the smokers of manufactured cigarettes. Especially the last point with the cost to explain: Although the self-screwdriver in the cut Smoking a cigarette on the day, they invested only about half as much money in their consumption and the Smoking of finished cigarettes.

2. The Motivation to stop Smoking is there – but pronounced differently: smokers of manufactured cigarettes have tried more often to quit: they were 36 per cent, in the case of the self-screwdriver, only 33 per cent. In addition, 20 percent of the finished cigarettes declared at the time of the survey-smokers that they are highly motivated to banish cigarettes from your life. In the case of the self-screwdriver, it was only 16 percent, the researchers write to Sarah Jackson from University College London in the journal “BMJ Open”.

The differences don’t sound great in terms of the number of smokers in the population, however, affect thousands. In Germany alone, around 29 percent of adults smoke, equating to almost 20 million people. Provided that the ratio of the self-driver in this country is similar to that in the UK, would make up of your group about seven million people.

Who has paid for it?

The study was from Cancer Research UK funded.

3. No matter in which group, to Stop work, almost never: to stop, even Though more than 13,000 of the 38,000 participants had tried in the year prior to the survey, with the smoke, made it just under 2000. There was no statistically significant difference between self-movers and the smokers of manufactured cigarettes. While 14 percent of the Willed movers the Stop succeeded, it was in the other group, 15 percent.

4. Who makes it Stop and who creates it: The low success rates indicate how difficult the smoke is stop. Among those who made the cigarettes away, were especially many young, educated women. Actually successful, mainly older, well-educated smokers of both sexes.

5. The different reasons to give up Smoking: Of more than 10,000 participants, the researchers had data on the reasons for trying to quit. The smokers of manufactured cigarettes reported significantly more often than self-screwdriver, to want to because of the cost stop. Problems played in the case of self-movers health a greater role.

reasons to stop Smoking

basic self-turners cigarette High cost of 16 percent, 22 percent and warnings 3 percent 3 percent of Current health problems, 18 percent, 14 percent, Future health problems, 28 percent 25 percent

warnings on the packaging impressed, however, hardly any smokers so much that he wanted to stop – this was true for all participants in the study.

The verdict: cheap and individually, so why not?

kill That Smoking, know meanwhile every. Each year around six million people worldwide die of the consequences of their consumption of Cigarettes. In Germany alone, tens of thousands of lung cancer cases could have been avoided this year, if people had never smoked. Nevertheless, the Motivation for many smokers to quit – this applies even screwdriver even more than for users of ready-made cigarettes.

One of the main reason could be the lower cost of self-rolled cigarettes. “There is a cheap Alternative to in factories manufactured cigarettes offers, can afford the user the Smoking may just longer and not stop forced,” says study author Jackson. According to the researchers, should be increased prices for tobacco.

data from Europe show how much that can affect. Accordingly, a price increase of ten percent means that the number of smokers is reduced by about five to seven percent – and particularly the young and socially disadvantaged people to give up Smoking.

A factor but also higher prices will not be able to fix: The Turn allows anyone to build the individual favorite cigarette, an additional Ritual. The can also be something thin, when the money is scarce, to disappear completely from the life.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.