we Would lead a life without a watch, without time structures and tightly scheduled daily routine, would tell our body when we fall asleep, Wake up and eat. It would depend on the innate inner clock that ticks in 24-hour cycles. Scientists speak of the circadian rhythm. The relatively young medical chronobiology explores, among other things, how this affects our organism, metabolism, and health.

What relates to the diet, indicates research that our body works best when we align our eating habits to the circadian rhythms. The disruption of this rhythm – food always in the late evening to Obesity and metabolic disorders.

Ess window should only 8 to 10 hours during the day, open

the Chrono biologist Satchin Panda uses This study’s results in its so far only in English published book, “The Circadian Code” and calls for daily meals in a window of eight to ten hours with a final dinner in the early evening Here is the Newsletter, “health” subscribe to

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The Professor at the prestigious Salk Institute in San Diego due to the natural metabolic rhythm of the hormones, enzymes and digestive juices to food intake in the Morning and in the afternoon are programmed. Many people eat, drink and nibble, however, until shortly before bedtime. This average 15-hours-Eat until late in the night the biorhythm, so the “NY Times speaks loudly Panda total”.

he was able to Prove the harmfulness of the food with no time limit so far only in mice: One group had round-the-clock access to fat, sugar-rich foods. The other animals received the same food in the same amount, but in an eight-hour daily window. The mice that ate whenever they wanted, were fat and sick, while the mice with the time limit for her to Eat in front of Obesity, fatty liver, and metabolic diseases were protected.

Early dinner is especially important

How well an early dinner for the health, have demonstrated recently, scientists at the University of Barcelona. If you’re not eating later than 20 PM, or at least two to three hours before bedtime, can reduce, therefore, be even risk of cancer.

The food at the wrong time of day, so late in the evening, represents a similar burden on the digestive organs, such as a jet lag for the brain: they will be forced to the activity, if you should actually rest. And the brain is confused: on the one Hand, the darkness calls on it to produce the sleep hormone Melatonin. On the other hand, the active digestion indicates that it must still be day. And the metabolism does not know whether to turn up or down. PDF lose weight Now with the 50 best diet tricks Our PDF guide shows you how to boost your metabolism and the yo-Yo effect trick.To the PDF guide

Who must often work at night, has high health risks

How much food at the wrong time of day and duration of a health risk is demonstrated in studies with shift workers, who are also required at night. Permanent night shifts are associated with obesity, Diabetes, some cancers, and heart disease.

Various studies have confirmed, on a scientific level, also the people’s wisdom, in the morning like a king and eat dinner like a Beggar: We are going to burn in the morning more calories and digest the food more efficiently.

As an Israeli study has found that obese adults lost more weight, and your blood sugar levels normalize, and the risk factors for the heart were able to reduce, if you took out a large Breakfast, a modest lunch and a small dinner. The control group, it made the same amount of calories differently, and cut the worse.

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