Aman Singh Chadha, Head of APAC eCommerce and TCG at Citigroup, delivers a greeting to strategy and financial officers from major companies at Citibank Korea’s ‘e-commerce Industry Seminar’ held at Plaza Hotel located in central Seoul on Sep. 22. Photo courtesy of Citibank Korea

Update on trends in the e-commerce industry offered to corporate clients

Citibank Korea announced on Sept. 29 that it had recently held the “e-commerce industry seminar” at the Plaza Hotel in downtown Seoul, inviting some 20 e-commerce strategy and finance firms.

Citibank said that the seminar was geared toward sharing its view of the best practices for navigating the global e-commerce financial ecosystem, leveraging its global banking reach across payments and foreign exchange solutions.

The global e-commerce industry is seeing accelerated growth and diversification across industries and sales channels due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as personal and corporate technology use.

For the event, the regional head of e-commerce financial products and the head of eFX Solutions for the APAC region visited Korea to illustrate the trends of the e-commerce market and Citibank’s digital payment and FX risk management solutions.

Through its global network, Citibank Korea has also provided various financial services for clients to respond to the local market in a rapidly growing e-commerce environment and has been committed to supporting Korean companies operating overseas with unparalleled corporate financing solutions, including e-commerce solutions in overseas markets.

Corporate attendees showed great interest in Citibank’s digital solution services for e-commerce, a presentation on review procedures and requirements for internal control, and a panel discussion with CEO and CFO of multinational companies, according to the lender.

“As head of corporate strategy and planning, I found this event very meaningful as it provided an opportunity to share not only updates and prospects of trends in the e-commerce industry, which is rapidly changing after the pandemic, but also various perspectives on future strategies of industry’s leading players,” a participant said.

“I became confident with the opportunities of e-commerce and will integrate e-commerce into marketing plans as a market player.”

A representative of Citibank Korea said that the seminar was aimed at helping its corporate clients use its global network and platforms to access financial products more easily and conveniently.

“We will continue to provide customized solution thought leadership and design for corporate clients, including hosting further seminars,” the representative said.

Citibank Korea is headed by CEO Yoo Myung-soon.