The idea of Lord mayor Thomas Feser, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the state garden show and the culture Bank in a particular Light show was a great success, the enthusiastic, the Binger and the visitors from near and far alike. The weather could not have been from Friday to Sunday, and the mood on the Rhine was, accordingly, well. Whether the guides with Dieter Glaab, Monika and Karl-Josef Jungerts or to the different performances of the artist Rodolfo Reyes, “Fantasy Globe”, Elena trade, the Performance Trio “pYr-art “Sound-Mafia”. Fire and laser show, sand painting, acrobatics, music; hydro-shield and, of course, the appearance of the “Figure” – in places on the shore was hardly possible. “I am delighted that the visitors accept the Feast as well, which was confirmed to me already. The program, the Marcel Koch and the Team of our Tourist-Information has put together that offers the best in entertainment,“ said mayor Thomas Feser on Saturday. “Our culture Bank since the country garden look the business card of the middle Rhine valley, and will continue to do so. Here, we have celebrated in this year of great events, whether in the spring of the Partnership ,Rhine in flames‘, in the culture of the shore, at ,4 x pleasure on the river‘, or now in our Grand finale, the ,Binger heart light‘. It is always nice to see how positive the terrain here has changed and what it offers“, – said the mayor, before he is invited to stroll through the Promenade. Light in its varied forms enchanted place on three evenings and the shore, whether in the fire basket, as a LED, Laser or glow stick and some of the visitors had disguised even small, battery-powered light chains, and the dogs had flashing collars, so as to be itself a part of the “heart light”.

WHETHER Thomas Feser on receiving the “Cassian Carl”. In the Background, Elena trade, which was with the sand painting, the history of Bingen from the Roman period up to the LGSJubiläum in an extraordinary way-and a lot of art conjured up works for a few minutes. Photo: city of Bingen

“Dundu”, the almost five-Meter-high large doll, Puppet Builder, Tobias Husemann built, requires five puppeteers to be graceful, and gracefully move. In the morning, the Dundu Team even offered a Workshop in the children and youth of St. Hildegard. Photo: city of Bingen

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FOCUS NWMI-OFF/municipality Bingen am Rhein

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