With a musical-cabaret-reading on 30. November, and a jazz concert at 1. December continues the urban culture to promote their series of events of cultural winter in cooperation with the city library. For both events, the pre-sale is already up and running.

“wortakro Baden” with Jörg herbs on the 30. November in the basement theatre

On Friday, 30. November to 20 PM, Jörg herbs is a musical-cabaret-style reading of his new book “wortakro badisch – from the diary of the Homo Badensis” in the basement theatre present.

Jörg herbs, known as a comedian and “king of Baden”, has realized his Plan to create a book not only with his cabaret texts, but with more literary depth and artistic claim. His lyrics are the usual pointed and profound, and at the end of paper-cuts by the artist will be complemented by the meeting. As a real Baden Jörg herbs was a particular concern, a nice book to bring out in a Baden publishing from his home town of Gernsbach. 18. July appeared in the Casimir Katz publishing house of the lovingly crafted Band “wortakro badisch” for the price of 12 Euro, of course, in the Baden colors.

His book of the Bühler cabaret presents highly entertaining. He reads, sings and tells, in his usual relaxed Form. His literary explorations on the Homo Badensis – so its time lover, tend not to beloved Baden – naughty, knives, formulated in a sharp and polished smart. In his “home customer” are herbs, for example, information about the Baden, a amoeba is similar, i.e. a special form of life is changeable, but with certain characteristics from the Rest of the rest of humanity. The event is supported with funds from the Ministry for science, research and art of Baden-Württemberg.

The new release “wortakro badisch” and also his first book, “psycho-Baden” can be purchased at the event. Jörg herbal signed, of course.

the inlet is a half hour prior to the start of the event, which is wheelchair accessible. Tickets for 6 euros, there is in the city library of Rastatt. For more information, call 07222 972-8504 or by E-Mail to stadtbibliothek@rastatt.de.

concert with the New Jazz Trio at 1. December belong in the basement theatre

you already have for the young Jazz Elite in Baden-Württemberg and now give their first concert in Rastatt, Germany: On Saturday, 1. December 2018, the New Sound of Jazz Trio, starting at 19.30 PM in the cellar theater in Rastatt. The three musicians play a broad Repertoire of jazz music and a great night to be expected.

On drums, shows Konstantin Kölmel, 17-year-old student of the Tulla-high school Rastatt Can be. On the trumpet: Theo Altmann, also 17 years young and a member of the state jazz orchestra of Baden-Württemberg. On the piano and on the Keyboards of the 16-year-old Justin Zitt is to see and hear. Have found the three musicians in the land of jazz promotion in Baden-Württemberg.

The Trio shines with youthful Freshness, coupled with great musical Talent. The young musicians will conjure up unusual, new Sounds to the stage and leave the Jazz up to date and alive sound. They will interpret pieces by Charlie Parker, Freddy Hubbard, Miles Davis, Chick Corea to Michel Camilo. Also music of your teachers and regional composers, such as Heinz von Hermann, Peter Lehel and Thomas Siffling, brings the Trio to the Sound.

tickets for 3 euros, there is in the city library of Rastatt. They can be reserved with the city’s promotion of culture under the phone number 07222 972-8202 and for the cash deposited. The inlet is a half hour prior to the start of the event.


Jörg herbs is on 30. November with a musical-cabaret reading in the basement of the theatre to the guest.

photo: herbs

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