Pep Guardiola knew already: he had an All-or-Nothing, back home, again against Liverpool FC. All finals of the Champions League in April of last year, reminded us of the district, as a City after the 0:3 in the first leg absolutely had to win.

at the Time, City took the early lead, but the visitors came back, offset, and even shot the winning goal. By the 2:1-success, Jürgen Klopp’s Team had secured the Next, and the club from Manchester with the knowledge left that he has problems when he is under pressure to act.

This Time, City scored the winning goal, and Guardiola can be calmed down after the 2:1 home victory in the League against Liverpool on Thursday night: His Team can triumph in All-or-Nothing Games against Liverpool.

In the case of a defeat on the 21. Round against the undefeated leaders of the residue of the current master would have grown to ten points. In the case of a draw it would have been still seven points. Both would probably mean an early end of City’s hopes for the title again. “If we allow points to lie, then it was that, then it’s over,” was Guardiola said.

“We showed how good we are,”

Due to the success in a furious duel on eye level, the title race is open again. City has inflicted on Liverpool their first defeat of the season, and the residue on the League leaders to four points reduced. The reasons for this fighting spirit, calm under pressure and Believe in yourself even in difficult moments. The last property is actually a trademark of Liverpool.

Jürgen Klopp (l.), Pep Guardiola

The mood in the stadium was unusually loaded. In the case of any accident Pass from Liverpool, and each time you win the ball from City, there was an Outcry, the spectators jumped up and swung his fists. The audience, normally of spoils, such as Manchester City, filleted the opponent clean, wanted to see the team fight. And there she saw the fight.

“We have shown how good we are, and with how much heart we play,” said Guardiola about the match “had been a final for us”. Klopp spoke of a “pretty intense” game that had his “wild moments”. “I don’t think the result had to do with mental strength, on the one side, or weakness on the other,” he said.

The Smallest was one of the Greatest

in fact, Liverpool was not broke. The team came back after the opening goal by Sergio Aguero just before the break, with Roberto Firminos hour. But the City just made more, determined to keep the title race open, and scored by Leroy Sané scored the winner.

The main players were, however, two other professionals. No offense to artists, but a tireless worker in the engine room. The Brazilian Fernandinho gave his Team in the midst of stability. The Portuguese Bernardo Silva ran as much as no other player in the League this season (13.7 kilometre), prepared the way for agüero’s goal and earned a Hurray. “He is the Smallest, but he shows us that you don’t need to be bigger or physically stronger,” said Guardiola.

The game has brought the realization that there is this season a real battle for the title. Unlike in the past season, as Manchester City have basically already at the turn of the year, as the new Champion. And she has shown that it matters in the race for the championship on Details, such as, for example, the weak performance of Liverpool’s Central defender Dejan Lovren and also on luck.

“How in the world is that not a Red card?”

This was Manchester City against Liverpool on several occasions. First, as John Stones and shot after a post goal from Sadio Mané to the own goalkeeper Ederson and the Ball then at the last moment from the line saved (1.12 inches of the ball had not crossed the mark). And then, as captain Vincent Kompany after a fierce tackle against Mohamed Salah only Yellow saw. “How in the world is that not a Red card? When he caught Mo more, he falls for the Rest of the season,” said Klopp.

About the overall situation of the German coach did not want to complain however. “If someone had told me that we have after the Games against City and four points ahead, I would have paid money for it,” he said. Liverpool’s chances of a first championship since 1990, are still shiny. Nevertheless, it is now clear that the defender is ready to do exactly that: to defend his title.

Manchester City – FC Liverpool 2:1 (1:0)
1:0 Aguero (40.)
1:1 Firmino (64.)
2:1 Sané (72.)
Manchester: Ederson – Danilo, Stones, Kompany (88. Otamendi), Laporte (86. Walker) – Fernandinho – Bernardo Silva, Silva (65. Gündogan) – Sterling, Aguero, Sané
Liverpool: Alisson – Alexander-Arnold, Lovren, van Dijk, Robertson – Henderson – Wijnaldum (86. Sturridge), Milner (57. Fabinho) – Salah, Firmino, Mané (77. Shaqiri) referee: Anthony Taylor
Yellow cards: Bernardo Silva, Ederson, Kompany, Laporte / Lovren, Wijnaldum

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