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the UK could apply the laws of war, any civil unrest in the case of a non-Brexit apply to curb. The “Sunday Times” reported, citing government officials. Therefore, they would have investigated all of your in such a case, the available options, including martial law, a curfew and the deployment of the army. Concretely, would in such a case, the Civil Contingencies Act of 2004 attack that provides the framework for an emergency on a local and national level.

According to the defense Ministry in December to 3,500 soldiers were kept ready to be after a hard Brexit in March 2019 to “all the contingencies” prepared by its task was “to assist in an emergency, the institutions of government.” The willingness of the quota set made up of regular soldiers and reservists together

health Minister Matthew Hancock, no, replied to the BBC on the question of whether the war could be right: “Not specifically.” And added: “It is a book part of our law, but it is not the focus of our attention.” Some observers had expressed concern to the riots that, after Brexit, and uprisings in the population could, if the Land ceases to be, without a contractual agreement from the EU.

In December, had contacted the Minister of health Hancock, in a Letter already to the pharmaceutical companies in the country. In it, he informed them that the government gives, it could give in the case of a “No Deal”-Brexits up to “six months” delay in medication imports on the channel. The statement of additional supplies for six weeks, remained “an important part of our emergency plan”.

More on the topic of fear of food shortages As British for the Brexit arm

The government had also taken further measures, writes the Minister. So we are going to create additional “cargo capacity”, “essential products” may continue to move freely to the UK.

Currently, some medicines are in the UK just. Pharmacists have been Reports of increasing problems, to address many of the commonly prescribed drugs such as painkillers, antidepressants and blood pressure lowering pharmaceuticals. Gareth Jones from the Association of pharmacists “National Pharmacy Association” sees a connection to the Brexit. He believes that the medication would almost because many British out of fear of a chaotic Brexit would have started hoarding them. The bills “to be a key factor,” said Jones of the BBC.


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