CJ OliveNetworks plans to adopt metaverse in recruiting new employees. Photo courtesy of CJ OliveNetworks

System integrator embraces new technologies in operation

CJ OliveNetworks, one of the top system integrators in South Korea, announced on March 16 that it plans to adopt a metaverse platform in recruiting new employees.

The Seoul-based company noted that it would pitch the company twice to potential employees later this year through a metaverse platform.

During the sessions, CJ OliveNetworks is scheduled to let participants know about its new growth engines during the medium term.

Then, it would recruit workers in a total of nine departments, including artificial intelligence, cloud services, media business, and ESG planning.

“We hope that many young talents would make applications to the company, which strives to growth together with employees,” a CJ OliveNetworks HR official said.

Metaverse first appeared in the 1992 science fiction novel named “Snow Crash,” which was authored by Neal Stephenson.

In the novel, human avatars interact with each other and software agents in a three-dimensional virtual space called metaverse.

In three decades, the book is on the lips of so many people across the globe as a rising number of corporations and organizations adopt the metaverse.

The term is composed of the prefix “meta,” which means beyond, and the stem “verse,” which refers to universe. The buzzword is about the world’s rising interest in a virtual space and its influence on an actual world.

Short for Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance, ESG is the three central factors in measuring the sustainability of a corporation or business.

CJ OliveNetoworks is headed by CEO Cha In-hyok.

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