CJ OliveNetworks Cha In-hyok, left, holds an agreement with Vanderlande Managing Director Lodewijk Reineke in Asia after the two corporations mint a partnership at the head office of CJ OliveNetworks in downtown Seoul this week. Photo courtesy of CJ OliveNetworks

Korean system integrator joins hands with Dutch logistics tech firm

South Korea’s top-tier system integrator CJ OliveNetworks has signed a partnership with Dutch logistics technology giant Vanderlande to strengthen its logistics automation businesses.

Over the past two decades, CJ OliveNetworks has put forth efforts to secure know-how and experience in warehouse automation solutions and fulfillment systems.

Earlier this year, the Seoul-based company set up a dedicated AI logistics team to further develop its AI-powered logistics solution, dubbed EliSSone.

CJ OliveNetworks expected that the collaboration with Vanderlande would give a fresh momentum in its quest to become a global powerhouse in the logistics automation segment.

Vanderlande is the global leader in logistics process automation at airports. The company is also a top supplier of process automation solutions for warehouses and the parcel market.

Established in 1949, it has set up logistics systems for 12 airports out of the world’s top 20 airports. Included in its customers are such retailers as Amazon and Genesco.

As Vanderlande does not have an office in Korea, CJ OliveNetworks expected that its collaboration would offer chances for the Dutch firm to tap into the Korean market.

“To strengthen our competitiveness in the automatic logistics business, we have tried to forge partnerships with local and global corporations equipped with core facilities,” CJ OliveNetowrks official Yoo Chang-il said.

“We will help our partners to find business opportunities in Korea. For our customers, we strive to offer more advanced total services. In this sense, the partnership would be a win-win alliance.”

CJ OliveNetworks is headed by CEO Cha In-hyok.