CJ OliveNetworks has agreed to join forces with local startup bemyfriends to expand the creator economy ecosystem. Photo courtesy of CJ OliveNetworks

Two firms try to expand creator economy ecosystem

South Korean system integrator CJ OliveNetworks announced on Sept. 14 that it would join forces with local startup bemyfriends to expand the creator economy ecosystem.

Toward that end, the two outfits signed a strategic agreement. CJ OliveNetworks CEO Cha In-hyok and bemyfirends chief Lee K-young took part in the signing event.

Specifically, the two corporations are scheduled to develop technologies, which have something to do with the creator economy.

By the creator economy, CJ OliveNetworks meant a system where the content creator can easily and conveniently make money through online and mobile platforms.

bemyfirends is a startup, which has worked on the so-called “fandom business.”

Included in specific solutions is the introduction of the online payment service called “payment gateway,” along with a new-concept platform dubbed “b.stage.”

b.state is designed to enable content creators to make revenue and communicate with fans, according to CJ OliveNetworks.

“It is significant to lead innovation for the creator economy and develop new businesses by capabilities and technologies of the two companies,” CJ OliveNetworks CEO Cha said.

“Alongside bemyfriends, we will work together to invigorate the creator economy ecosystem where info-tech and content can converge.”

bemyfirends CEO Kim also expressed hope for two-way cooperation.

“The partnership with CJ OliveNetworks would expand the scope of b.stage service while bringing diversity to creators’ revenue generation and fandom management,” he said.

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