Shown above is the data center of CJ OliveNetworks in Songdo, Incheon, west of Seoul. The company has launched an online backup service platform dubbed CJ BaaS. Photo courtesy of CJ OliveNetworks

System integrator introduces CJ BaaS

CJ OliveNetworks, one of the top system integrators in South Korea, announced on March 2 that it had launched an online backup service platform dubbed CJ BaaS.

Short for backup as a service, BaaS refers to a cloud backup of offsite data storage in which files, folders, or other contents of a hard drive are periodically backed up.

A service vendor like CJ OliveNetworks provides such services based on a remote secure cloud-based repository through a network connection.

To protect the information, an increasing number of corporations and organizations have adopted BaaS over the past few years.

CJ OliveNetworks said that its platform enables not only conventional backup services but also new offerings like hybrid backup and archiving.

The Seoul-based company said that its platform enables customers to securely store unstructured data and large-sized data for machine learning at affordable costs.

The outfit also noted that its CJ BaaS efficiently blocks hacking and ransomware and transfers data to other secure places in case of natural disasters.

CJ OliveNetworks said that it planned to expand its business horizon in the global scene down the road.

“CJ BaaS is the best choice to tackle emerging threats posed by such malware as ransomware so as to protect data,” CJ OliveNetworks Cloud Department chief Han Kang-hee said.

“We will try to win the hearts and minds of our customers based on past experiences.”

CJ OliveNetoworks is headed by CEO Cha In-hyok.

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