On the weekend, his state Secretary Enak Ferlemann rushed straight in, now has turned Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer, even in the dispute about the problems with the Deutsche Bahn. “The Rail System has come to the limits”, said the CSU politician of the news Agency dpa. “We have a high level of investment, large construction sites, which lead to disorders. We need to coordinate better.”

Scheuer called for by the group in the face of massive problems with rapid improvements for the passengers. “We need a citizen’s railway, which is worthy of the name – namely, that we be punctual, that we offer better Service.” The quality must rise in rail travel in the new year as soon as possible. “This is a huge task for the top of the track.”

Recently, the Federal government had requested the railway to March a comprehensive approach to the restructuring of the group. Now, Scheuer announced: “According to the proposals, and the concept of November I want to hear in January of the DB as we get noticeable improvements early in 2019.”

Scheuer: disorders are not to the overall network meeting

at the end of November, the members of the Supervisory Board had seemed to of a two-day exam, already higher spending for trains, network and employees agreed, in order to overcome the crisis. The problems with delays to its trains and has not received the state-owned group as yet, but in the handle. Especially at major hubs, there are bottlenecks.

in addition, there are technical problems and economical the train is. Up to the year 2022, the group needed almost five billion euros in addition. Alone, 2019 are missing according to the Supervisory Board, EUR 2.2 billion for immediate investments.

On the question of whether he had confidence in the rail guide, said Scheuer: “I think it was presented to worthy of a concept that you want to intensively provide for improvements. To come here as soon as possible results, my view is strongly that.” The people would quickly say that it had improved somewhat. “I want to see improvements. And then, we discuss how to create the financial base so that the far-reaching tasks are better mapped.”

Required a significant investment in digital positioner and control technology: “We must avoid that interference will trigger on certain corridors and numerous other faults in the entire network.” In addition, there had to be a better Management for the maintenance to the ICE, but also freight wagons to come faster error-free in operation.

Scheuer: “citizen train” more important than “organizational Tinsel”

in view of the large financing gap in the rail, the sale of the foreign subsidiary, DB Arriva, as well as the international logistics subsidiary Schenker will be discussed. The group of almost 20 billion euros of debt had stopped the plans for 2016.

Scheuer said: “Basically, it has its sense, that the railway is not only on a national but on a European and global context.” There should be no quick shots. “It’s about the citizens in Germany, good Service – but far beyond even companies with good logistics services.”

Andreas Scheuer

On the question of whether there should be Changes in the statutory structure of the group, said Scheuer: “more Important than the organizational Tinsel the concrete improvement of the railway transport. The citizens do not want, that we forget about a nagging structure debate, the real task is that the web offers good quality, punctuality, and good Service. Then she is truly a citizen of the railway.”

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bahn, Michael Odenwald, told the “Handelsblatt”: “in Front of a structure debate, the analysis of the problems.” There is “definitely a need for reform in the organization of the Group”. He added, however: “We need to bring to the track once again on course.”


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