It’s hard to thing: While the rail Board and unions can agree on a wage-statements – the travelers are nervous, if you get caught once a cold Strikes, such as last Monday when the whole of the long-distance transport, the train came to a Halt.

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The hardness with which the parties to a collective agreement to negotiate, reason: The financial situation of the railway is disastrous. The more wages increase, the greater the financial hole, the plug has the car in the next few years. (Click here to read the whole story at SPIEGEL+)

The bleak future of the German railway divided after MIRROR information in the meantime, the Federal government. While the CSU-led Ministry of transport penetrates under Andreas Scheuer to plug holes in the railway budget from tax revenues, prefer the financial – as well as the Ministry of economy, the sale of subsidiaries, so it is called from the Supervisory circuits of the track opposite the MIRROR.

Open for the sale of a subsidiary, Oliver Wittke, parliamentary under-Secretary of state in the Ministry of economic Affairs argues: “The railway has to focus on its core mission, which is to transport more people and goods in Germany,” said Wittke, representing the Ministry of economy of the Supervisory Board the train, the MIRROR.

financial and economic Department is concerned that the economy will deteriorate and the time of bubbling, the tax revenue ends. Sacrificed, particularly Arriva, the British operator of buses and regional trains.

The railway is in need of fast money. 2019 2.2 billion euros to Fund much-needed investments. By 2022, the gap is expected to grow to almost 5 billion euros. Add to this the additional costs due to the upcoming collective bargaining agreement. For every one percent increase in wages will cost the railway EUR 100 million a year. The railway must obtain, according to the Collective wage agreement with their unions, presumably up to the year 2022, at least half a billion euros in addition.

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