The horror-Comedy “the witches” impressed in 1990, especially at the time, younger viewers to be sustainable, the Film still has many Fans. It was only a matter of time before plans for a remake were to be implemented. Now, who will play the main role: Anne Hathaway.

In the Original had simulated Anjelica Huston unforgettable diabolic young children, and they turned into mice. Now, Anne Hathaway takes on the role of the evil witch Eva Ernst – an interesting cast for the role to Hathaway, but still the Image of the DOE-eyed beauty.

“the witches” was actress Anjelica Huston fearless the mask makers out of

In the movie “Rachel’s wedding” and “Love and other Drugs” tried it already in a correction of this image in “the witches” is likely to show even ugly side. Anjelica Huston, at least, had delivered for the Original fearless the mask-forming agents.

directed the remake will lead to veteran Robert Zemeckis (“Back to the future”), which is known for its creative use of special effects. He replaced Guillermo del Toro (“Shape of Water”) initially wanted to stage the project as a producer.

The Original had led the last November, late British Director Nicolas Roeg, which is otherwise rather quirky materials, and for the Horror classic “When the gondolas wear grief”. Zemeckis has said in Interviews already that he will relocate the Story from England to the South of the USA and in the sixties.


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