it Should be allowed for abortions to advertise? This is a question that deals with the political Berlin for a long time. Yet, it is forbidden to advertise abortions. Who for their own “pecuniary advantage” or “grossly offensive” procedure, announcing, or promoting, which are suitable for the termination of the pregnancy is liable to imprisonment for up to two years or to a monetary penalty. Thus, the comparatively unknown section 219a of the criminal code regulates it.

has become The subject of the Whole, since in addition to Green, FDP members of Parliament and representatives of the left party, also large parts of the social-democracy no longer find, that this act pass legislation in the time. The SPD has announced that it is to grind the paragraph up to the end of the year, if necessary, with the votes of the Opposition. That would be the coalition’s break, as everyone clearly. On Wednesday, the Ministers of the Grand coalition have to negotiate a compromise. But that pushes the dispute only, done nothing.

The fight is conducted in Secret bitterly

The proponents of Reform assert that the of them criticised the scheme, in reality, that’s why women withhold information in order to make it more difficult to abortions. “There is no advertising ban, because there has NEVER been the promotion of abortion,” wrote the serious subject occurring television, Florian Schroeder comedian in a much-publicized Tweet. “There is a prohibition of Information for affected women, and that’s a scandal.”

This is utter nonsense, as everyone knows, is familiar a little with the practice of Abortion in Germany. Each Pro-Familia branch shall provide on request a list of Doctors performing a termination of pregnancy. In Germany needs to go in, as a rule, every Pregnant woman who desires a premature end to their pregnancy, in any case, a place such as Pro Familia. Just because the Information, which is offered by a gynecologist in the vicinity abortion, is not immediately accessible on the web, it does not mean that you can only under the Hand.

Why, then, due to the elimination of maladministration, which is none at all, a government crisis risk? Because it’s not actually even the paragraph 219. The real goal of the reform effort, the more or less obscure regulation, the existence of the least civil, until recently, belongs probably is not. The real goal of the paragraph 218. The knowledge of both proponents and opponents, so the fight in Secret, and is so bitter.

The Solomon formula, which has until today

It’s been 25 years that the Federal constitutional court handed down its last path-breaking judgment in the abortion law. What many do not know (including the former SPD Chancellor candidate, Martin Schulz, as he Wants to in “Anne”): Even after this ruling, abortions in Germany are not legal. The constitutional court has explicitly written that the “duty” of the woman bear their children. The state waived a regular basis to the law enforcement, if you decide within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy for a crash. This is the Solomon formula, which continues today. The woman does not have to explain their decision within the first 12 weeks. Only if the fetus is older, must be made for special reasons.

It is this that ineffective asked criminal is exactly the threat would you eliminate right now. In Paragraph 218, the consciousness is still awake, you should at least have a bad Conscience when one life ended early. I would always say that a guilty Conscience is a small price to pay, if you decide to have an abortion, should also apply to both sexes. But you can see this in feminist circles.

to go As far as the reformers in their struggle for the liberation of women ready to have demonstrated the Jusos on your Federal Congress. For the complete removal of paragraph 218 of the resolution, which was adopted with great applause, was the ability to have an abortion during the entire pregnancy. Normally I don’t take particularly seriously, what is to be adopted at conferences of the young socialists. However, since the Juso-Chairman Kevin Kühnert as the great hope for the SPD, it seems to me, look more closely.

where does this callousness?

Not even all of the Jusos is comfortable with the idea that you should bring to the Decision of the “feminist direction of the Association” (as the self-designation), a fully viable child, to death, as long as it has not yet seen the light of the world. There is on Youtube a Video of the debate, it’s worth it.

First of all, two young women come out to Express their concerns. One of the two is, apparently, formed medical, anyway you can describe a relatively precise what it means, for example, if a six-month-old fetus from the womb of the mother is dragged to land on the operating table.

What follows in the Video, can safely be described as a public execution. “It can’t be Serious to put as a rhetorical pathos here, to the day,” explains a counter-speaker, who has printed the word “Feminism” wide on the T-Shirt, hoot. “It has just been said, we should stand up for something. Yes, for the Living, for the women, for their self-determination, and not to any Unborn. The simply have no right. And the basic rights, human rights, first of all, for the woman, and then for everything else.” Wow, I thought, when I saw this. Where does this callousness? Where to train this tone?

Dilemma of modern gynecology

a few weeks Ago appeared on SPIEGEL ONLINE in a Text about a girl, the in the 22. Week of pregnancy to the world. The girl has weaknesses, a couple of concentration, otherwise it is a completely normal child. The example shows where the newborn is in intensive care today, and thus the Dilemma of modern gynecology. The same child may be placed with a potassium-filled syringe to death, as long as it has not left the womb yet, is with the entire medical device Park of a hospital alive, if the approach of the head in the birth canal is visible.

I’m not saying that this Dilemma is easy to resolve, but it fails the case, it should at least be aware of. A party in which people are made, because they draw attention to their moral concerns, I think there is a Problem that goes far beyond falling polls.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.