it was known As the beginning of October, Donna Strickland gets as the third woman ever awarded the Nobel prize in physics, was not even an entry in the English Wikipedia-page – a Moderator had rejected an article in the may, because he had held these to be unimportant. Longer the Online encyclopedia, is the criticism, mainly because men write the article, and women’s biographies are under-represented.

in Addition, there is evidence to suggest that Wikipedia has a Problem with certain stereotypes: researchers from the Leibniz Institute, the ETH Zurich and the University of Koblenz-Landau have shown that Wikipedia is at a disadvantage in comparison to other dictionaries, women in the selection of the articles, in their articles, but more often words like “family” and “children” and are more likely to provide links to articles written by men.

How, exactly, it is in the German Wikipedia women? We have downloaded the biographies of all the in the past 100 years-born persons: What are the women can do it on the German Wikipedia page? When and where you need to be born, and what occupation to choose, in order to get a page?

General: Of the more than 330,000 articles on people of the past 100 years of birth, only 20.3 per cent, act of women. You can see from this small proportion, however, is whether or not Wikipedia gives a systematic women, less attention, or whether the encyclopedia is more reflective of a social reality in which only a small part of important Posts by women is occupied.

age Plays a role?

is striking in our data: The younger the Wikipedia Generation is female. During the 60-Year-olds, the proportion of women is below one-fifth, the proportion in the 10 – to 20-Year-olds is twice as high. An important factor in this profession choice. Who is so young, and already famous, is the most common actor, is a professional with many famous women. The youngest actress on the German Wikipedia by the way, Tinsley Price – she plays in the Netflix series “Stranger Things”. Younger, famous only for the nobles, the qua of birth are known to be almost.

In what Occupations women are found?

The professions on Wikipedia significantly between the sexes, and confirm stereotypes: men are most often, football players, women Actresses. In addition, 84 percent of the Models, and almost half of the singers are female, entrepreneurs, Doctors and, of course, the spiritual are more than 90 percent male. Surprisingly, the large proportion of women in the Sport is: Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis and Biathlon, more than 40 percent of the players are women. The sports with the most mentioned players, football and ice hockey, however, are represented preponderance of men.

there Are developments within the professions?

Young women are more likely to be on Wikipedia, this is also reflected within the professions: In most Occupations, the proportion of women in the Younger higher. In some Professions development is rapid: in the Biathlon, no before 1955-born athlete is registered, a short birth years later, the proportion is almost half. The high proportion is, however, no guarantee that the distribution is a total change with the time. It is quite possible that men are generally in the Professions and in higher age famous, and then in the statistics catch up.

What are the effects of nationality and origin?

In terms of the nationality of China: More than 40 percent of the article are surprised by Chinese women. You are most likely to be Badminton and tennis players, and on average 14 years younger than the other Nations. Also interesting is the international comparison of cities: A third of the Los Angeles-Born with a German Wikipedia article are women. And for what are they famous for? Especially for acting, Singing, Writing and Modeling.

And now?

Overall, the distribution of women often clichés. However, the distribution of articles on women, depending on the year of birth is changing rapidly, and in many Professions, young women pick up on the difference. After all, Wikipedia has recognized the Problem: In the Wake of the “wiki project women” with targeted support in articles about women, and “women edit” in Berlin women meet every month to write on Wikipedia.

So, we have worked where are the data? With the Wikipedia people search, you can filter people articles by date of birth and gender, and download. We have data on 17. August 2018 collected. Persons without registered date of birth are not recorded, but are rare. What does the data not tell us? There are a few variables that would make the data set consistent. One could consider, for example, the creation date of the article and see if the articles about women are younger. Click numbers might reveal information about what people produces to receive despite the low resonance may be an unfair article. The gender of the editors could reveal whether women write more article about women, and thus the call for more female Wikipedia editors support. What is there to note? A Problem in the data, the job title is: it is stated in the text. Therefore, we had to go to the table manually, the most common occupations identify and then the professional text to these Professions browse. To note is also that professional groups are not mutually exclusive: A Person appears, for example, a politician and lawyer in the two categories. Various professional are divided into groups of different fine and had to be manually to the categories grouped together (e.g., priests, pastors and bishops, as spiritual). For the graph of the proportion of Women in Professions, according to birth year, a moving average was calculated, to the random fluctuations is to mitigate.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.