EU climate Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete wants to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases in the European Union by 2050, to Zero. “It is absolutely possible,” said Cañete. “Sure, it’s a lot of investment will be necessary. There are many efforts will be necessary, but it is doable.” The EU Commission wants to introduce on Wednesday, their climate strategy until 2050. In it, eight scenarios are included, such as the EU wants to reduce the Emission of climate-damaging CO2 to the Paris climate agreement from the year 2015. In two of the scenarios of a climate-neutral EU is aiming for. to be

“in a climate-neutral, is the right way for Europe,” said Cañete, the Handelsblatt. The complete move away from Oil, coal and Gas is needed to limit global warming. The EU will benefit if it is a pioneer in green technologies. “Some of the industries that have fossil fuels or mining, could disappear,” said Cañete.

The climate Commissioner, the citizens called on their behavior: “you should keep in mind when you renovate your house, a new car, or new appliances to buy.” The decisions of the citizens have a big influence on whether the ambitious goals could be achieved. The Commission estimates the need for additional investments of up to EUR 290 billion a year.

In the Paris agreement, it was agreed to keep global warming below two degrees compared to pre-industrialization and to achieve 1.5 degrees. However, the annual emissions of greenhouse gases rose last year to a UN study, according to a new record. The States will have to increase, therefore, their efforts tripled, in order to achieve the Two-degree target, says a report by the UN environment programme, Unep.

as of Monday, representatives from around 200 countries to advise on the global climate conference in the Polish city of Katowice on what needs to be done to the climate Treaty of Paris be complied with.

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