From the dimensions, it is reminiscent of the solidarity surcharge, at least when it comes to the ideas of the three Minister-presidents in the East, whose countries are affected by the end of the promotion and generation of electricity from coal. EUR 60 billion request to Finance the structural change in your home.

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This sum of Saxony called-Anhalt Country Manager Reiner Haseloff last November, in a conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Now the Haggling comes to many billions of euros of aid money in the decisive round.

According to information of the MIRROR Merkel attends personally to the phase-out of coal. For the 15. January you are invited to the four Minister presidents in their countries, brown coal is extracted, the competent Federal Ministers and the four chairmen of the Commission on “growth, structural change and employment” to the Chancellery.

themes should be “the state of the discussions, as well as the rest of the process”, – stated in the invitation that has been sent to Chancellery chief Helge Braun, on behalf of the Chancellor.

Merkel dissatisfied

Merkel was recently dissatisfied with the progress in the government body. The 31 members are looking for an end date for the coal-fired power generation and Alternatives for thousands of Employees of the coal industry.

The Commission was already present at the end of November 2018 your results. In particular, the Minister President of Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony pushed for a shift. The structural change was negotiated in a smaller Commission of a circle, apparently without success.

Out of the circle of the Invited, the Prime Minister wanted to talk with Merkel about the ratio in the structural change of money between the four countries reportedly should be. In addition, it should be decided on the question of how the funds for the construction of new infrastructure, research Institute, or a battery cell manufacturing.

Decided measures act, the projects for the structural change are to be written after the presentation of the Prime Minister. Example of the law for the relocation of government from Bonn to Berlin. Also in the conversation, either a Foundation or a Fund into which money for the länder, including North Rhine-Westphalia, is to be set.

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