A high-level government Commission has drawn up a catalog with noticeable interventions for car drivers. The experts of the “National platform for future mobility” among other things, a General speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour on motorways. The measures should help Germany reach its climate targets in the transport sector.

As reported by the MIRROR in its latest issue, could be adjusted accordingly, the tax rates on petrol and Diesel in the year 2021. So far, Diesel per Liter will be taxed at around 22 cents less than gasoline. Environmentalists criticize the difference, not least by drivers of fuel-SIP benefit of SUVs.

railway, Bicycle and pedestrian traffic

According to the alignment will be strengthened, the tax rates are scheduled to increase for both fuel types continuously – first to three cents per litre in the year 2023. Thereafter, the premium will rise each year by a Cent, until he is in the year 2030, ten cents. In sum, the tax rate would rise according to the proposals, until then, to 52 cents.

the aim of the measures are a “lower mileage” cars and a “shift to rail, Cycling and walking”, as it says in the confidential paper of a 20-member working group of the Commission. This works on behalf of the Federal Ministry of transport.

When buying cars with high fuel consumption to be levied a tax of several Hundred euros. The Federal government could Finance a subsidy for buyers of electric cars in the amount of 8000 euros. So the “demand should be increased, more efficient burners, and E-passenger Cars”.

incentives to switch for the auto industry

The speed limit on motorways, the experts hope that “in particular, lower fuel consumption”. A “sustainable climate protection policies” was a “Chance for an innovative mobility system” and “an important contribution to the active shaping of the transformation process” in the car industry, write the experts in their analysis.

Limit on motorways ‘ Yes ‘ to 200!

For the end of March is the crucial meeting of the working group, in addition to the unions and the car companies are sitting also environmental associations, scheduled to be held. Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer has to propose measures for a climate protection act, which is planned for this year.

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