On the climate negotiations in the Polish Katowice in the world to be filled climate Treaty, which was adopted in Paris in 2015, with life: delegates from all over the world to develop a set of rules for the agreement.

On the Tuesday arrived, the German environment Minister, Svenja Schulze, in Katowice. However, in the Luggage you took a mortgage: Germany will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, as planned by 40 percent compared to 1990, but is only expected to grow by 32 percent.

The Federal government is planning a Reform of the energy transition, in order to curb the emissions of greenhouse gases; Schulze wants to include cars in their reduction measures. With the MIRROR, she spoke at the climate conference about their plans and about the consequences that the Failure of the climate for Germany.

To the Person DPA Svenja Schulze (Born 1968) is since March 2018, the Federal Minister for the environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety. Previously, she was General Secretary of the SPD in North Rhine-Westphalia, and from 2010 – 2017, the Minister for Innovation, science and research of North Rhine-Westphalia.

MIRROR ONLINE: woman Minister of the environment, at previous climate conferences, Germany was the Star, talks about the energy transition were fully occupied, all the world admired the Plan to overcome fossil fuels. Now it is clear that Germany missed the targets of the own climate, the energy transition is faltering. Are you laughing now?

Schulze: Have you heard anyone laugh? I experience the opposite: The German Delegation is very much appreciated, we are asked for in the negotiations, be seen as an intermediary, and it is also recognized the contributions that we make.

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MIRROR ONLINE: Germany, with 1.5 billion Euro, twice as much money in the Green climate Fund as last Time – and today, 70 million Euro for the adaptation Fund. Both Fund to help poor countries, to guard against weather hazards. Germany is one of the largest depositors in such Fund, other industrialized countries are more cautious. Germany pays too much?

Schulze: Germany has a responsibility to help countries suffering from climate change. We have blown over the decades, greenhouse gases in the air, our build prosperity. We are so much responsible for the consequences of climate change. If now, for example, the glaciers in the Himalayas melt and, therefore, drinking water reservoirs is lost – the must concern us, however, if these heavily populated regions uninhabitable. I think it goes without saying that we will do something.

MIRROR ONLINE: Some representatives of other industrial countries groan secretly, Germany would stir up high expectations for the financing.

Schulze: I do not know of such concerns. We terminate any of our posts deliberately early, so that other industrial countries are motivated to provide similar aid. It worked the last Time.

MIRROR ONLINE: to targets in Germany buy free for be to Fail to your own Climate?

Schulze: We can help. Point. Representatives of the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific have presented to us the other day, images that show how the Islands in the next decades will be smaller because of sea-level rise. And this is just one example of the dangerous climate change, we are in drought and heavy rain. We cannot ignore it.

MIRROR: How to reach progress in CO2 reduction?

Schulze: With more liability: With a new climate protection law, we want to write for each sector climate change targets in law, combined with clear incentives for the ministries to achieve these goals. The transport sector, for example, provides as yet no contribution to the CO2 reduction. Yet effective incentives for this, unlike in industry, the CO2-certificates have to buy are missing here.

MIRROR ONLINE: With your proposal for CO2 limits for new cars they could not prevail, but in the government. Cars are already significantly more efficient in fuel consumption than in the past, only the people want larger cars. In addition, the goods traffic increases on the roads. How do you counteract this?

Schulze: , The CO2 limits will be significantly advanced and the industry, in order finally to bring about good, affordable electric cars. With regard to the ongoing climate efforts of the transport sector, I am looking forward to the proposals of the Ministry of transport. The is responsible and can’t hide when it comes to climate protection.

MIRROR ONLINE: so Far, the plans came from the Ministry for the environment, right?

Schulze: The ancient game that only the Ministry of the environment makes the proposals, and all other do not say, what’s up, everything is over. I’m doing it now so that all relevant departments should themselves consider how the CO2 Saving can contribute. And all this before the election, whether they certificates from abroad are putting money into CO2-or rather in a modern, climate-friendly infrastructure. I opted for the Latter. It all should recognize that climate protection is a driver of innovation for our economy.

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MIRROR ONLINE: Grieve you not, sometimes, nuclear power plants, the climate-friendly way to generate electricity?

Schulze: Not a single second! It is true, in a few years the last nuclear power plants in Germany shut down. We get out of the nuclear – and coal-fired power. This makes this task for us more demanding than in some other countries.

MIRROR ONLINE: Is Germany an isolated case? Industrial countries, the exit from the coal, continue to rely on nuclear power, or they have favourable conditions for renewable energy, mostly through a considerable capacity of hydroelectric power. Germany takes on the energy transition?

Schulze: It is very ambitious, what we do, and is here recognized at the climate conference. The energy transition is a great opportunity for Germany: We are an export country, and if we manage to be in the technologies of the Renewable front, we secure the jobs of the future.

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MIRROR ONLINE: of The problems there are in the present, Germany has, together with Denmark has the highest electricity prices in Europe. Must shoulders of the poorer people, the German energy transition?

Schulze: I want to be a debate on a new financing of the energy transition, climate protection is economically attractive and small income, if possible, relieved. A block could be a reduction in the electricity tax. We are not able to Finance the energy transition is only possible via the electricity price, because what we want is just that, in the future, more clean energy is used by heat pumps or electric cars.

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