have Strange presents small, according to the findings of the Illner editorial staff, Germany in Katowice: in The former climate, a pioneer back in the case, meanwhile, behind his own goals. In addition, Germany had received at the conference, the negative price of the “Fossil of the day”. “Climate savers Germany – good thought, bad made?” was therefore the theme, to be loaded the next to the politicians, Peter Altmaier, Anna Lena Baerbock, and Christian Lindner, the three other guests were: Matthias Dürbaum, Chairman of the works Council the open-cast mine Hambach, climate researcher Stefan Rahmstorf and Fintech entrepreneurs Philipp Schröder follow.

The consensus of the Evening: “climate skeptics”, so deniers of man-made climate change, there was no in the round. This view was only in the video clips with US President Donald Trump’s presence, the wish by the end of 2017 in the face of a cold wave in the US, on Twitter, ironically, maybe you could benefit from a little of this “good old global warming”. The participants in the discussion in “Maybrit Illner” were there more pleasing way – even trade unionists Dürbaum not want to talk about climate change is small, but only its concern with the elimination of jobs Express. What is not said, that there is Agreement on the measures to be taken stock of.

The conflict line of the Night: Was most clearly between Christian Lindner and Anna Lena Baerbock. While the Green-Chairman claimed that the policy would need to put “guard rails” and say, “where the journey is going”, argued the FDP-chief for the self-regulatory forces of the market. While Baerbock exit for a clear roadmap for Coal-and CO2-taxation has occurred, referred Lindner to the fact that there is nowhere in the world so expensive, a ton of CO2 as in this country – and that it is therefore a question of how to achieve climate objectives in a global perspective. There is also no check book diplomacy, if Germany spend 1.7 billion euros to help poor countries on climate protection, but the magnitude was, on the contrary, “much too low”. Lindner that there had been “a planned economic policy”, the use of subsidies for wind electricity cannot be stored and forwarded because the lines were missing.

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Altmaier, positioned himself in-between: It is not about Dirigisme, but rather, to promote initiatives. For coal, he said: “Other countries are rising fast, but we will rise also as the only large industrial country-out of nuclear energy.” Therefore, it is necessary to make the “organic”. Altmaier: “The challenge is: How can we define an exit path that is long enough and that we have more and not fewer jobs?”

The slugfest of the Night: Was also between Baerbock, and Lindner. “How you going to keep the climate Treaty of Paris?”, the Green turned to the FDP-chief. “You don’t want a coal phaseout, you do not want to shift in Traffic, you don’t want to worry about the price of CO2, how then?” Very much can be wrong from these Allusions, countered Lindner, “up to the limit of Propaganda”. He wanted to set a CO2 price, but the to the market. “This is the difference between the two of us: I want to rely on the tried-and-tested methods of the social market economy, and if I listen to you, listen to DDR.”

The viewpoints of the Night: Asked, who fell in Germany, more brake, politics, or entrepreneur, Philipp Schröder, Ex-German head of Tesla and Ex-Director of the memory manufacturer sun GmbH, an interesting picture: The climate catastrophe is like a fire, in front of the politicians, such as Peter Altmaier, would be to delete it – “and lobby hopping associations, which say: ‘Please give me the carpet is not wet while you delete.'”

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Christian Lindner, in turn, stressed his call for a more generous Expansion of the German electricity network, with a comparison from the animal world: “We need 6,000 kilometers of power lines, and in the last year, 28 kilometers have been built. A snail travels the same distance in a year. That doesn’t work.” And Peter Altmaier, illustrated his motto, all measures would have to be socially responsible, not-exactly-calculated a comparison: “If a Pensioner in the month must pay five euros more for their electricity, this is the Cup of coffee and piece of cake, which she takes once a week with your friends in the Café in the pedestrian area.”

The clarification of the Evening: “It’s nothing, to not proclaim goals that you observe then,” said researcher Stefan Rahmstorf and made it clear that time is of the essence: “if we Had started in the year 2000, to reduce the emissions that would have been enough four percent per year, in order to keep the 1.5-degree line. Now, we need to reduce 18 percent per year to reach the same climate target.” Therefore, it is not an Either-Or question, to save somewhere the rain forest or the coal out. “If we must get to zero emissions, and this is just so, then we have to.”

The bouncer of the Night: After a three-week break until 10. January had passed, wish Maybrit Illner viewers “hopefully, peaceful, relaxing, and… warm Christmas”. Um – that’s very comforting, thank you!

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