It was a marathon session that lasted more than 21 hours and, on several occasions shortly before the Failure. But in the end, the Commission “growth, structural change and employment”, in short, the coal Commission, but a compromise agreed.

There are now for the first time, the proposal for a master plan, like the Federal Republic of Germany may accelerate its exit from the coal. If the government follows the suggestions of the 28-member body will change in this country soon, a lot of things.

Five assessments to the coal-compromise.

1. The Coal phase-starts with a high Tempo

by 2022, the first stage of the three-stage exit plan of the coal Commission, should in any case be turned off a whole series of coal-fired power plants. Quite according to plan, simply because they are too old. The coal Commission recommends the government to take climate protection, additional power plants from the grid.

of a total Of three gigawatts of brown coal and four gigawatts of coal is out of the question. That would be significantly more than the industry representatives wanted the Commission originally. It is expected all together, then, is not to be used until 2022 reactors with a capacity of about 12.5 GW at a standstill. A fairly brisk start for the Coal phase – out- and a clear victory for the environmentalists.

2. The German climate goal for 2030 is to reduce to create

The Federal Republic of Germany has set itself the target of the own emissions by 2030 compared to 1990 by approximately 60 percent. The coal exit should make a key contribution to this. In 2016, Germany’s coal-fired power plants emitted approximately 256 million tons of CO2. In the year 2030 they are expected to emit, according to the Commission’s assessment, only 84 to 92 million metric tons of CO2 if the climate objective is to be achieved. Therefore, is likely to be only 16 to 20 gigawatts of coal-fired power plants to the grid.

The Commission now proposes that in Germany in the year 2030 only coal-fired power plants with a capacity of 17 gigawatts of electricity to generate. The contribution of the energy sector to the German climate goal would therefore be large enough.

PDF Download final report of the Commission on “growth, structural change and employment”PDF size: 5 MB,

, However, were mentioned in the final report of the coal Commission is hardly concrete Numbers, what are the power plants between 2022 and 2030, when from the network. Most would be turned off at the last minute, then it could be the climate target again closely.

3. A rather slow Finish

The last coal plants to be shut off, according to the will of the coal Commission in the year 2038. It should also give the Option to check at the beginning of the thirty years, whether a complete withdrawal is already up to 2035.

in relation to the initial claims of the environmental groups, already by 2030, or 2032, all coal plants should be shut down, this is a comparatively slow final act.

However, such a quick exit could work, if at all, only if the German power grid, and large power storage would be fast enough to be expanded. And in two points it hooks currently huge.

in view of these problems, it is probably actually better to give the complete exit full throttle. Otherwise you would risk that Germany’s power supply breaks down or the electricity prices are rising too fast.

4. Coal country cream

The Coal phase-affected regions in the next 20 years, 40 billion euros of structural aid. The concrete measures for the reconstruction of the regions to be written in a separate law, it should be for the coming governments is binding.

The aid for the States, thus once again significantly higher than last hear from the negotiating circles had been to fall out. The Money is also intended to prevent the right-wing gaining strength tables AfD in the coal countries, because the citizens will feel through the exit at a disadvantage.

The Federal government now has to make but also to the taxpayers is clear that this is a lot of money. Therefore, it is important that the billions flow in a structural change and not in any of the projects that wanted to implement the Prime Minister.

Whether it succeeds is questionable. For 14 billion euros of structural assistance to the countries to get your free disposal. You don’t have to make this money to any specific projects.

5. Hope for the hambach forest

The hambach forest since last autumn as a Symbol for the resistance against the coal energy. Many citizens have not understood why a part of the ancient forest should be cleared at the time why police officers dragged with heavy equipment to environmentalists, from self-built tree houses. Why it took a court ruling to stop the deforestation, when in Berlin, the coal Commission met.

The Commission this Problem is worn in your report. A stop of the logging in the Hambacher forest you think is “desirable”, the report says. The law is formulated in a soft, but at least it is a Signal. Because in between wasn’t already been said about the speech, not to mention the forest in the final report.

As in the first years of the Coal phase-out, mainly power plants in North Rhine-Westphalia still to be laid in the state so, in the hambach forest, there is actually hope that the forest can be saved.

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