Smoking is a danger to health. The warning of each of the cigarettes knows boxes. It is high time that he comes to recovered paper, tonnes. Not against Smoking, but against constipation: Clogged tonnes endanger the neighborhood!

Big, glaring, obvious, a note belongs to the outside and also the inside on the tons of cover. Everyone should stop, the time will again sink a cardboard carton with Zalando, or Amazon – Prime-sticker to the full extent in the community ton of the house.

Particularly like the cardboard box below-disposer to the fact, right after the bin was emptied, otherwise the box will fit in Yes, not so comfortable. Why step on, crush, or even tear, if there is enough space? Anyone looking for a receipt for the I-society, in many backyards, and tons of crates to find him.

the gentle way

consequences of the own disposable behavior, none of the Internet is afraid of, apparently, shoppers. No one makes the effort, at least the address label off. Want to know all of the roommate, who again has something to send.

As a sign of good will must now be considered, if there are two boxes stacked together, and you plug in this manner, not individually, but together the ton.

A warning would be in the interests of those residents, have understood the connection of cardboard and air in such a ton – the open confrontation, but shy away from it.

Maybe the waste disposal companies may stick to a instructions: So, I chop a box. Long as you don’t have to be cardboard to hold successively at the four corners with both hands and tear. Easily the whole thing can even be in the style of an IKEA Instruction manual, with the most likely to be Carefree Wegschmeißer familiar.

Once, each Time a good feeling to have. Promised. Childish enthusiasm could be aroused. Because the box is flat, it is each ton of to a miracle of space. 240 liters of the standard model. It is 1.10 meters high, 58 cm wide, 74 cm deep. You would not believe how many cardboard layers.

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