In the process against Joaquín Guzmán in New York have called for its defenders to an acquittal of the former drug bosses. “You don’t have to give in to the myth of ‘El Chapo,'” said attorney Jeffrey Lichtman in his closing argument on Thursday to the address of the twelve jurors. These are to advise on the guilt or innocence of the 61-Year-old. In the case of a conviction Guzmán may face life imprisonment.

light a man sat in his plea to the sharp attacks against several witnesses. He referred to 14 former employees of guzmán’s, which had said the process in New York, as a chronic liar. The jury is likely to give your “garbage”statements will not Believe. The whole process was a Farce.

“These witnesses have admitted to lying every day of your miserable, selfish life you have here in the courtroom lied to,” said Lichtman, in his more than four-hour plea. “If you don’t believe the employees have in front of you, you can’t condemn Mr Guzmán.”

court drawing of Lichtman (left) during the closing argument

The prominent criminal defence lawyer in particular, the drug dealer Jorge, and Alex Cifuentes to handle, the long cocaine to Guzman had delivered, before they cooperated with the U.S. Department of justice. “Would you buy the Cifuentes a car? Would you hire you as a Babysitter? Of course not! Your car would stay like this, as soon as you leave the Parking lot, and her child would be sold for a Kilo of cocaine. (…) But you can trust these men, to condemn Mr. Guzman?”

Lichtman also worked on its defence strategy, which is not “El Chapo” is the true leader of the Sinaloa cartel was, but the fugitive drug boss, Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada. He and Guzmán had directed the cartel from time to time.

judge Brian Cogan had to have Lichtman in part, in the barriers. “In this case there is no evidence that the government acted from a wrong motive,” he stated. Lichtman had argued, the Prosecutor had it in for Guzman, and wants him to bring in the drug war at any price behind bars. “The end does not justify the means,” said Lichtman.

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Previously, the prosecution had called for in its final plea of guilty. The investigators had submitted in the proceedings a “flood of Evidence” against the former leader of the infamous Sinaloa cartel, said attorney Andrea Goldbarg. “Don’t let him in front of his responsibility escape.”

During the process, the twelve jurors had followed the statements of 56 witnesses, including 14 former employees guzmán’s, hundreds of documents seen, and dozens of wire-tapping get phone calls.

Guzmán must answer in New York, among other things, for drug-smuggling, arms trafficking and money laundering. The massive security arrangements accompanied the 61-Year-old had started at the beginning of November. The original 17 charges have been reduced in the process on 10 points. The Jury must decide, for each of these ten points, acting unanimously, whether Guzmán is guilty or not. When, in the case of a conviction the sentence is announced, is open.


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