The White house has for now put the accreditation of CNN Reports Jim Acosta is back in force. The US was ordered by Federal judge in a preliminary injunction. The decision shall apply until the final judgment.

The White house had locks Acosta in the past week, until Further notice, after US President Donald Trump and the Journalist were advised at a press conference verbally to each other. CNN had requested to grant Acosta immediately access to press conferences and other events in the power center of the United States. Acosta is CNN chief correspondent for the White house.

CNN argues that the suspension Acostas had violated both the transmitter as well as the journalists in their Right to freedom of the press and due process. The district court ruled, according to CNN, Acosta, when withdrawal of accreditation is probably not a proper procedure has been accepted.

Acosta, and Trump it came to a battle of words. As the Journalist wanted to ask at the press conference after the U.S. mid-term elections questions to the immigration and Russia, cut off Trump him with the word. “That’s enough,” said Trump several times. An Intern of the White house was trying to determine Acosta’s microphone off. The refused. Then Trump said, “CNN should be ashamed of themselves for working there. You are a rude and terrible Person.” A little later, the office of the President of Acosta’s accreditation revoked.

The White house accuses the journalists in press conferences on several occasions “inappropriate” behavior. Acosta had refused, in the press conference, “physically”, the microphone is returned, and the Intern. “We will never tolerate a Reporter who puts his hands on a young woman who’s just trying to do your Job as an Intern in the White house,” said Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a spokeswoman for the White house. CNN reported that Sanders had lied in their statement. Your allegations are fraudulent, and they point to an incident that had never happened. Eye-witnesses confirmed this.

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