Colin Kroll, the co-founder of the short-video service Vine and the Quiz App HQ Trivia, was found on Sunday lifeless in the bedroom of his apartment in Manhattan. A spokesman for the New York police Department said. The cause of death is suspected to be, therefore, a drug Overdose. Officially it is not confirmed yet. Kroll was 34 years old.

The entrepreneur had co-founded in 2012, the short clip App Vine, with up to six seconds long Videos shared. Vine was acquired by Twitter and 2016 is set.

Kroll was also involved in the founding of the Quiz App HQ Trivia. The game came out in August 2017 on the market and had in the following March, two million users. This number should be decreased significantly. HQ Trivia announced on Sunday that it was “deeply sad” about the death of the founder. “Our thoughts are with his family, his friends and Loved ones.”

Rus Yusupov, who had founded jointly with Kroll Vine and HQ Trivia – wrote on Twitter that he will always remember the “good soul and the big heart” of his friend and co-founder. “He has made the world and the Internet a better place. Rest in peace, brother.”

Kroll’s father told the New York Times, his son had Recently stopped Drinking and have had no problems with drugs. “He has worked too long and too hard,” says Alan Kroll of the newspaper. His son had to create it, to live in New York City. “He was so talented and has achieved in his young age already so much,” said Alan Kroll. “It would have been a great joy to see him with 50.”


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