The German coal phaseout is still much unclear. Only one seems to be able to now without big risk know say Many of the problems that arise from the resulting structural change, presumably filled with money.

A bit of it, as someone did in Berlin on a marketplace, a giant pot of Gold, and almost anyone may now use it. He only needs to think of any project, and the Label “structural change” of it sticking.

Whether it really is for each project to structural change, it does not seem to see the Federal government is currently so tight.

At their evening meeting in the Chancellery, for example, the Prime Minister, with Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) were able to act in an emergency aid of 150 million euros. To do this, you submitted him a list, which is something like the “make a Wish” every municipal politician.

Because the state of Brandenburg, calls for 1.2 million Euro for a lookout to be placed in the loveless Heath. For three million euros, is also a “Heath cycle path is to be” built. Is questionable whether of the state of Brandenburg convert to the High-Tech state.

In the neighbouring Saxony-Anhalt have looked at the clever country politicians also once again deep in the drawer and the back of a couple of projects found that they wanted to achieve. Now, for example, 1.8 million euros from the coal phase-out pot to flow in the castle district. For the “strengthening of cultural tourism”.

The Land of Saxony in the Northern part of Lusatia is located, would have liked to have 200,000 euros for the “provision of a common management” in the Geopark Muskau, a picturesque moraine of the Elster ice age, near the Polish border.

in Particular, the Eastern countries were smart, when German Chancellor Angela Merkel to call in and warn of the great danger for their regions. Which threaten to fall in the forthcoming Parliament elections, the AfD, particularly if the structural change, the Commission should adopt the precipitous phase-out of brown coal – an Argument that the Chancellor obviously caught.

Structural support for the coal

What seems to be less in the foreground of the talks, the are dozens of sites with coal-fired power plants, which are distributed from Wilhelmshaven to Karlsruhe, especially over the Western part of the country.

After all, even you found last week, a first Agreement. The Federal government has agreed with the four from the coal exit the affected provinces, according to the MIRROR, which is part of the Structural support for the closure of the coal-fired power plants is to be spent.

At their Meeting last Tuesday in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, agreed to spend the two-digit billion amount to the structural change of 15 percent for the 9000 employees in the power plants and the municipalities.

The Federal Ministry of economy intends to promote, among other things, the conversion of land, on which coal-fired power plants to be decommissioned. “Already, local authorities should plan for these areas, the use and concepts for the resettlement of the corporate sector,” said Oliver Wittke, state Secretary at the Federal Ministry of economic Affairs, of the MIRROR.

The Federal government desire to promote such initiatives with a specific program financially to ensure that the surfaces can be briefly converted after the closure of the plants. “These areas are well connected with rail and water routes, and are therefore suitable as a location for future-oriented companies,” said Wittke.

in the next few years, many old coal power plants closed. The government Commission on “growth, structural change and employment”, which aims to present the end of the month your report is planning.

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