There is a compromise on the paragraph 219a of the criminal code, the ban on advertising for abortion. About a year after the dispute has brought the emerging coalition is in big trouble, that’s the good news. Now five Ministers of the SPD and the CDU have submitted a common draft. In a week the Cabinet of Ministers is about to.

The draft goes further than the vague proposal of the coalition in December, had submitted to: The bill should spell out “legally, and how Doctors and hospitals about the fact can inform you that they perform abortions”. Now, the Federal government has specified: Doctors may in future indicate on their website that they perform abortions.

On an objective level, there is a success

This specification is a small Detail is by no means: The Giessen Doctor Kristina Hänel was sentenced to pay a fine because she had informed on its website that it performs abortions. The judgment against Hänel had launched the debate, which has now brought the draft of the coalition.

The search for abortion doctors in some regions of the Federal Republic of hard. It is especially this lack of information that had to be balanced with the Reform of the paragraph.

Kristina Hänel would make with regard to the practice of performance “abortion” on their Website after the new design is a punishable offence. For more information about process and methods but This must be done after the compromise of an independent state. Hänel should not have been on your side, only on such a link.

Lots of abortion doctors, Kristina Hänel, this is not enough: you want to achieve the complete abolition of the Advertising paragraph. Are you dealing with it not only applies to the objective level, i.e. the information deficit, but the image of women, for the of the Clause is: The image of a woman is not allowed to make a decision about your body alone. Which needs to be protected from being enticed by advertising to a decision, which is stigmatized in the society as “wrong”. The must make the effort to find information about a medical procedure. And is criminalized.

in all Of this, nothing will change. Kristina Hänel wrote angrily on Twitter: “My home remains a criminal offence. You can call legal security, if you want to”. It’s true: The information on the timing of abortions may not have Hänel on your side, but on the left it would be at least possible to direct patients to further information – objectively seen that is progress.

in fact, the clause 219a could be abolished now, because he has become superfluous. Because Doctors are allowed to inform the type of occupation law to the Public through their professional activities and for their offers to advertise. You may not commercial intentions, you need to inform instead, factually and appropriately.

Not a particularly lurid advertising of their own services is therefore appropriate. “Abortion is the best Deal in the city” – that would be without the paragraph 219a unauthorized advertising.

Now, the section remains in the criminal code and the termination of the pregnancy retains its special status. Because that’s exactly is wanted by the Union.

the Deputy spokesperson of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag, Nadine Nicely justified their positive assessment of the agreement with the words that you don’t wear “the idea that it is a termination of pregnancy to a medical measure like any other”. Anything else is not to be expected from a group that calls for the “protection of unborn life”.

It is a compromise and must take account of both sides. The Union had promised from the beginning, only a reform of section 219a. SPD, FDP, greens and the Left had demanded for the abolition, before and after the election, a government came to be. Now you have reached at least the strengthening of the right to Information – if the Reform is actually decided.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.