Code of Ethics

Korea News Plus Code of Ethics & Self Regulations                                             

As a responsible media outlet, Korea News Plus vows to seek after such overriding values as accuracy, independence & impartiality, integrity, and accountability for our readers.


1. Accuracy

: Accuracy is the most significant value of Korea News Plus.

①We will ensure that all facts in articles are accurate.

②We will clearly distinguish between fact and opinion.


2. Independence & impartiality

: Independence from government control and business interests is one of the overriding values of Korea News Plus.

①Our editorial judgments should be based on careful examination of all the facts.

②We will not be affected by political or commercial interests by appropriately managing conflicts of interest.


3. Integrity

: We attempt to buttress the value of journalism by trying to do the right thing under any circumstances.

①Our editors and reporters should identify themselves as journalists in principle.

②Devices for secret information gathering like hidden cameras are prohibited in principle.

③We will disclose sources of news articles unless they need to be protected.

④We will faithfully comply with all the regulations, especially the copyright act.


4. Accountability

: We will take responsibility for our journalism.

①We will promptly respond to the feedback from our readers and those who are related to our articles.

②We will instantly make corrections for any errors or misleading information in our articles.


5. Self Regulations

: We will periodically review whether we are properly abiding by the Code of Ethics.

①We will periodically hold education sessions for our code of ethics, especially the copyright act for journalism.

②We will periodically review whether Korea News Plus and its reporters are properly complying with the Code of Ethics by asking for reviews of third-party players.