The end of October of the charge of attempted murder, acquitted of Hamburg, Frank S., 54, should not have been made in accordance with the progress of the investigation. probably in court. The after MIRROR information from a preliminary internal Review of the land criminal police office (LKA).

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The acquittal had caused quite a stir because the judge had raised serious allegations against the investigating Cold-Cases unit to your chief Steven Baack. This probably would have asked witnesses leading and deceived.

In his previously unpublished interim report to the office of criminal investigation, calls into question the probative value of the Central clues. Neither the alleged statements of the accused to Tatmesser were witnesses then loads the data of the main load.

“Suggestive interrogation situations”

The victim was stabbed in 1980, and sexually harassed, have only to a limited extent to the perpetrator can remember. Comparison photos are unprofessional, have been presented. Most of the shortcomings, however, have been for the Prosecutor prior to arraignment from the files identifiable. The provisional arrest appeared to be “rushed”.

The report acknowledges identification of errors and “suggestive Questioning”. No evidence found the LKA for the accusation, Baack have claims against the accused and a witness of truth contrary to the Tatmesser DNA had been secured.

from The Soko-chief has already been sold. Also, the public Prosecutor shall examine the allegations.

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