Facebook has paid a media report according to which, among other things, to teenagers, to gain access to all of their Smartphone activities. Users of the App “Facebook Research” between the ages of 13 and 35 years of age would get up to $ 20 a month, according to the Tech-Blog “TechCrunch”.

Facebook had confirmed that it wished to collect with the “research”App data to Online habits, the report says. There is, as yet, no plans to stop under the name “Project Atlas” project. Whether or not Facebook is testing worldwide, is unclear. At least the second the App was way, but in addition to American – Indian people.

With its comprehensive permissions can access the “Facebook Research” is called the App, among other things, to conversations in Chat services, sent photos and Videos, addresses of visited sites and data from positioning applications, said IT security expert street specialist, who examines the Code “TechCrunch”.

it remained Unclear, initially, what information, exactly, Facebook is interested in: could not Find beaches, tray only, which can send the App in theory everything on Facebook. Users had been invited to the part but also, Screenshots of your Amazon orders to be submitted.

The App bypasses Apple’s review process

users of The App, available for Android and iOS, be recruited, therefore, as a participant in a scientific study on the Online behavior and the collection of private data. In the case of minors the consent of parents will calls for years.

Not always be immediately been apparent that Facebook is standing behind the study. Because the App is not distributed via Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, but three provider of beta test services. The Facebook name, neither in its advertising, the turn on, among other things, on Instagram and Snapchat, still on your own registry Websites.

It is, therefore, a so-called sideloading, passing on Apple’s and Google’s App verification. Apple’s own beta-testing Service TestFlight is not among the three Facebook-partners. During the Installation, it becomes evident that Facebook is the Customer.

Facebook removes the App from the Store

the Code of The Project-the Atlas App is very similar to that of the VPN App Onavo, which Facebook for a similar purpose, uses, and Apple’s had banished in March, 2018 from the App Store because it violates Apple’s privacy policy. According to the report, Facebook is in breach with the new App against Apple’s so-called Enterprise Certificate policy, even if Facebook says otherwise.

Fewer large suppliers than Facebook would be sanctioning Apple may and all your Apps from the App Store throw. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said in the recent past, is also extremely critical to the business model of Facebook. Nevertheless, it is not likely that Apple will, in future, lock Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram – the applications are too important. But “The Verge” says the company wants to pull the iOS Version of the Research-App. The Android App should, however, remain.


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