The Deutsche Bahn seems to want to bring movement into the deadlocked collective bargaining negotiations with the unions. You will submit in the course of the morning, two unions a new offer, said a group spokeswoman.

The train drivers ‘ Union GDL said the collective bargaining negotiations on Wednesday morning failed. Previously, the GDL had called on the train, until the Morning a new offer. “The Ball is on the side of the Deutsche Bahn AG. The employer has to submit in the Hand, an improved offer, otherwise we will decide in January on further steps,” said GDL-boss Claus Weselsky.

“I’m going to assume that we can capture with an improved offer since the thread of the conversation again,” said railway Board member for human resources, Martin Seiler with a view to the GDL.

driver no longer expected this year with a strike

The train drivers Union wants to advise the further course of action. The GDL is allowed to call according to the applicable agreement only after the end of the mediation, a strike. “This year, it is expected not to strike,” said a GDL spokeswoman.

The railway runs parallel to collective bargaining with the GDL and to the larger railway and traffic trade Union (EVG). The talks with the EVG should be continued in the morning in Berlin, after they had been suspended late Tuesday night.

With a four-hour walkout on Monday was awarded with the toe of your claim for more money and better working conditions to the state, consolidated reprint. The railway is aiming for with two trade unions comparable results for the approximately 160,000 employees in Germany.

GDL and EVG were joined two months ago with a call for 7.5 percent more income in the bargaining round. The train drivers ‘ Union represents around 36,000 Employees of the train Crew, including drivers, conductors and on-Board caterers.


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