With work stoppages at airports in Hamburg, Hanover and Bremen, has started in the night to Tuesday a warning strike wave to a total of eight German Airports. The Union confirmed.di.

Called to a full day’s work fighting the security personnel. Also affected are the airport hubs of Frankfurt am Main and Munich, as well as the airports of Dresden, Erfurt and Leipzig/Halle.

the aim of the unions is to increase with the most comprehensive working class struggle in the current round of collective bargaining pressure on the employer. Ver.di calls for the inspectors and for the airport employees, a nationwide unified payment of 20 euros per hour. That would be a Plus in the high two-digit percentage range. Currently, the payment is depending on the Region and activity.

The employer think that is unrealistic, they provide, according to its own representation, a Plus of up to 6.4 per cent. For Ver.di this is too little – according to the calculation of the trade-Union that would be only a Plus of two percent for the majority of the employees. Four existing collective bargaining remained the rounds were inconclusive. Both sides want the 23. January continue to negotiate.

About 220,000 passengers

affected On Tuesday now, flight passengers have to expect massive cancellations and delays. The airport Association ADV expects that approximately 220,000 passengers affected by the cancellations and delays.

on Monday, had been removed to operate in Hamburg with 109 Starts, nearly two-thirds of the originally 178 for Tuesday’s scheduled flights with more than 20,000 pass. Also 91 landings were cancelled by the airlines Stand Monday evening. Overall, should be deleted in the course of Tuesdays in Hanover expected to be a third of all take-offs and landings. At the airport Bremen had been cancelled, with the state as of Monday evening, 27 of 58 Tuesday’s scheduled flights. At Germany’s largest airport in Frankfurt am Main should be on Tuesday 570 flight connections. The security people want to place from 2 to 20 at work. REUTERS strike at Frankfurt airport on Tuesday: What passengers

Where need to know there is information for affected passengers?

the first point of contact for passengers, the airline is always, in the case of package tours is the tour operator. The Airports provide on their websites detailed information about current departure and arrival times.


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