For twelve seasons, head coach Nick Saban in Tuscaloosa, in the U.S. state of Alabama. In this time, the Football Team of the University of Alabama, “Crimson Tide”, became a five-Time champion and stand a further two Times in the finals. In view of the annual turnover of a very young player, an impressive performance.

But now, Saban has experienced one of its most serious defeats. And, of all things, in the most important game of the season, the College Football final. Three times Alabama in the past four years, met in the Playoff final on the Clemson Tigers – and up to Monday evening, the games were balanced almost always tight until the last Minute. In 2018, it went against Georgia, even in the extension.

And now this: 44:16 for the Clemson Tigers, a crushing defeat, the lost, the first ever for Coach Nick Saban, in his Team with more than three Touchdowns behind. Recently, Saban had lost in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins as high – in 2006, 0:21 against the Buffalo Bills.

The last coach, Alabama with more than 16 points difference could beat, was, ironically, Saban. That was 15 years ago, when Saban was still in the service of the competitors LSU. An American commentator has compared the epic defeat with the battle of Muhammad Ali against Sonny Liston, when this lying on the floor of Ali with “Stand up and fight, you bum. No one will believe it was abused!”.

In the regular season, Alabama won some with 50 points of distance

throughout the season, Alabama was the best Team in College Football, as invincible. Headed by the Hawaiian Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, a left-handed, they won the game for the game – none of them with less than a seven-point lead, in many cases, the opponent with 30, 40 and even 50 or more points was defeated.

The Clemson Tigers under head coach Dabo Swinney, however, came also undefeated to the finals and are now the first University team in the modern Era, culminating a season with 15 Wins and no defeats. Most recently the University of Pennsylvania in 1897.

Trevor Lawrence (r.)

Even more remarkable is that with Trevor Lawrence is a “True Freshman”, a debutant, as a Quarterback, the Team is leading. For at least two years, Lawrence, who is already regarded as a century-exceptional talent, will play for the Tigers College Football, before he can change in the NFL. Most of the Scouts would sign him now. The 19-Year-old brought with almost incredible calm and precision of a throw after the next, like a Dart to the finish.

“a Lot of talk”

the Impressive part was but also how very Swinney and his Team are the favorites of Alabama in all phases of the game dominated, and pull that trick on most. In College Football are usually scored more points than in the NFL, more Trick-a game trains trying to attack series are spectacular. And there are more errors: The overall weaker defenses ensure that the games are usually more varied than in the NFL.

in the first attack series, the Crimson Tide started the Tigers Defense with a Ball and carried it directly to the Touchdown in the Alabama end zone. Got no time Sabans defense really access to the attacking play of the opponent. And as Alabama in the second round, almost desperate in the trick box of the handle, to a Field-Goal attempt anzutäuschen and to surprise the opponent with a running play, ran to the officer a Replacement quarterback Mac Jones in a wall of the Clemson players.

“There was throughout the season a lot of talk about who is the best Team of all time,” said Clemson Coach Swinney after the game. A nod, which was directed against the semi-final laurels of Alabama. “We were just the little old Clemson, we shouldn’t even be here, but we are and I am. Tonight there can be no doubt.”

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