The Orlando City Stadium in the U.S. state of Florida: 25,000 people can fit in the soccer arena, on the bleachers, but see only a few spectators. On the green artificial turf footballers play the biggest opportunity of your career, it comes to a professional contract in the highest North American game of Major League Soccer.

Nils Brüning is in Orlando on the field. Four years ago, he had come from Hamburg to the USA for a football scholarship to the University of North Carolina. Now he plays in the MLS Combine, a review of training in front of Scouts from the Premier League clubs. Brüning is 24. In Germany, he counts more than Talent, that can make it in the Bundesliga. Who is in this age, not a professional, it is usually.

In Orlando are classified players into four different training teams, named after Shoe styles of a large sports article manufacturer. Brüning runs entirely in Blue on the artificial turf, his Team won 4:1, he hits once, prepares another goal.

60 College football players were selected among Thousands for the Combine. In the “SuperDraft”, which took place in January in Chicago, you can choose the 24 MLS clubs then your favorites. Like in Basketball or American Football in the United States after each season, a Draft, a kind of selection process. Clubs have the opportunity, the best College players in the country. Those who have cut off in the last season bad, may first select a player. The League should be kept sporty and as balanced as possible.

“The perfect opportunity”

to be compared to Basketball or Football, the football League is located in the United States, however, far from the world’s best. Many of the MLS Teams to commit ageing players from Europe, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who moved to the Los Angeles Galaxy, or Bastian Schweinsteiger, who plays for Chicago Fire. As a result, the attractiveness of the League is to rise, at the expense of the talents, however, the hope about the Draft on MLS-use times. Players like Brüning.

For Brüning, the Draft is a second Chance. In 2014, the striker from the reserve team of Hamburger SV in the USA changed. In Germany, the then-21-Year-old made the leap into the professional was not able football. The way the College football was for him “the perfect opportunity”, he says. Thus, it was possible to combine top level football with the study.

Three and a half years after his exchange in the USA, he sits with a College degree in the bag in the Hotel the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando. “Everything is very loose, I am housed in a beautiful Hotel,” says Brüning on the phone, he speaks with an American accent.

in A way, as Brüning is gone, Germany would hardly have been conceivable. Professional to get a football and study under a hat, is almost impossible. “As a professional, to train more in the morning and then the Lectures are,” says Brüning.

“Just football? It can. not be”

other players not only change, but mainly because of football in the USA The Colleges offer talented footballers from Europe scholarships, often worth tens of thousands of euros. In return, the players reinforce the College’s own Soccer Team.

“I thought not, it may be that I have to go now, just football games,” says Brüning on his decision, in the United States. And then the hope, after College perhaps, but still a professional contract to sign.

that’s Why it takes other German talents in the USA. If you notice that you will not succeed the jump in European professional football, select the step to a College. This is the way Julian Gressel went.

As a youth player, he didn’t make it, at Greuther Fürth to enforce. Over stations in the Bavarian upper League club he left in 2013, as the then 19-Year-old to College of Providence in the U.S. state of Rhode Island. In the meantime, he belongs to the starting eleven of a professional club, Atlanta United, he plays on the side of national team players, is coached by Frank de Boer. In the past year, Gressel was with United Champions. A “Cinderella Story” refers to something in the United States.

Nils brüning’s history is different. His Name was not mentioned in the Draft. He is not a professional. In the meantime, he is back in Germany, he is now at Eintracht Norderstedt under contract, slightly to the North of Hamburg. Norderstedt is a regional League, fourth League. After all, the more he can study next to the football. Maybe he was doing his Master says Brüning.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.