The Cologne police has announced that in the future, harder against rival biker gangs. Clashes between the groups do not, according to evaluation of the authority, currently, the public security in the city.

“the Middle of the shot on the Cologne streets with high-caliber weapons,” said police President Uwe Jacob. “When we were here in the Wild West, is here shooting.” To outsiders, to be taken no consideration. It was a “happy coincidence, that so far still no one had come to death,” said Klaus-Stephan Becker, head of the Directorate of crime.

It is an ever-reinforcing conflict between Bandidos and Hells Angels. This was not a Rocker in the true sense, but criminal gangs, the pursued economic interests. The gangs were dominated by “migrants”. The members come from Turkey, Kosovo, and North Africa.

“We’ll be very robust against these associations”

It had already given the first search, said Jacob. In addition, you will control strengthened. It civil investigators and experienced investigators would be used in the field of organised crime. Another important point is the financial investigation. This is about the money and expensive cars of the band members. “We’ll be very robust against these associations,” said Jacob. “We will not tolerate that in Cologne.”

On Friday, had taken the police officers after shots in the centre of Cologne, a 29-year-old armed Rocker, as it is said in a communication to the police. In the evening the Unknown would shoot a lively game room in the district of Buchheim. Only by chance nobody was injured.


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