The Nigerien armed forces in the lake Chad against Boko Haram. Within a few days the army was supposed to have killed now with operations from the air and on the ground, hundreds of fighters of the terrorist militia. The defense informed the Ministry.

Accordingly, have been killed in air of more than 200 “terrorist” attacks. 87 for more Boko Haram fighters had been ground troops “neutralized,” it said in state television. The use of the 28. December started and concentrate on the seashore in Komadougou, which serves as the natural border between Niger and Nigeria, and on the Islands in lake Chad.

The armed forces had suffered no losses, it said. In contrast, Boko Haram have also lost military equipment. The Niger army had expressed in the past month, fears that Boko Haram could attack at the beginning of the year in the border area military bases. The government in Niamey followed the situation in Nigeria with concern, where the Islamists are taught the military the last few defeats.

Boko Haram: 27.000 deaths in nine years

fighters from Boko Haram attacked at least three army positions in the North-East of Nigeria, and the positions it took, according to the news Agency AFP from military and militia circles. In the case of the fighters on Tuesday for a position in Borno state, overran, and were thus members of the militia Islamic state in the province of West Africa (Iswap), the terrorist militia “Islamic state” (IS). Iswap-fighters have recently extended their activities in Borno and Yobe and several control posts and bases attacked.

Boko Haram has been fighting for years by force for the establishment of an Islamic state in the Muslim-majority North-East Nigeria. Despite repeated assurances by the government that Boko Haram had been defeated, reinforced by the militia in the last few months their attacks on civilian and military targets.

were killed By the attacks of Boko Haram in the past nine years, more than 27,000 people. 1.8 million people are still on the run.


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