Even the giants in the trade hits the digitization with full force. For example, H&M: The Swedish fashion group has not only missed the fashion trends, but it simply failed to develop a viable online strategy. At the beginning of 2018, the sales broke, even though new shops have been opened. Only because H&M has launched an online offensive. In Summary Proceedings. Chances of success: uncertain.

in The case of H&M shows that The classic trade is no longer with stationary shops against the online trade. According to estimates by the industry Association HDE has reduced the number of retail locations in the past five years, from 11,000 to 450,000. While the total sales in the retail sector in this period, price-adjusted terms, by around ten percent.

Always the “Amazon of the trade” will more clearly Gerrit Heinemann, trade and E-Commerce expert from Niederrhein University of applied Sciences says. 2019 is likely to be for small companies, an extremely difficult year. “Zalando & co., the German companies enter the online trading on the spot,” he says. “In the coming year, the most of them.”

by 2017, 46 percent of online sales came from Amazon, including its Marketplace in Germany. In 2018 the US is expected to have expanded, consolidated its share. In 2019, he is likely to continue to rise.

“drive The dealer to the customer with a bad online store in the arms of the Amazon,” says industry expert Heinemann. “You need to massively invest in the online trading and not try to force the customer to re-educate.” Some traders want to bring customers through high shipping costs to your goods in the Store Click & Collect), pick up (. In the process, Amazon & co. often require no shipping costs.

Heinemann sees “a customer orientation, as in fifty years”. The Service Amazon is the benchmark of the German retailers need to measure. “Step one has to be a excellent online shop.” To rely on the advice in the shops, be overestimated. “It is the customers inform themselves on the net and want to be a great choice.” Using customer data would have to open up the business potential, advises Heinemann.

The trade Association HDE expects that with the 300,000 retailers, the gap between large and small companies. “The retail sector is developing into a technology industry,” said HDE managing Director Kai Falk. “Small traders are not able to afford the necessary investment.”

Ultimately, of all places, the two giants of Amazon and Ebay could be for local merchants to the rescue. Because small shops can’t afford the building and maintenance of its own online store, use them instead, increasingly the market places of the major platforms. This brings the dealers, although revenue growth, at the same time, but Amazon and co. continue to grow.

With the big platforms, local traders see themselves exposed to international competition. To do this, there is a need but also fair conditions of competition, calls for the HDE. The policy should relieve the dealer from the trade tax and the speed with which the tax gaps in platforms such as Amazon and Ebay close.

After all: to make use of online platforms for the evasion of sales taxes by means of their marketplace traders from third States should be liable. And the regulatory authorities pay more attention to fair competition: the German Federal cartel office investigated after receiving numerous complaints, if Amazon makes its market to dealers abused.

Now, the platforms would need to be taken to the consumer standards in the compulsory calls for the HDE. Via Amazon about to be offered products, the European rules are in violation.

in addition to the digitization could make the trade in the coming year, a whole different issue: the Diesel-driving bans. The HDE is afraid of that, then even less customers in the cities, but shopping online. It’s high time for the dealer to finally digitisation.

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